Its my Verzion of Life.....FOOD

Mera tujhse hai pehle ka nata koi…..
Yuhi nai itana khata koi???
Chahe tu ya chahe na….

This is so true for me…. today I have an appetite to talk about food. What place does food hold in my life. Its part of every celebration. Food is of prime importance when it comes to occasions. We always have a special food for a special occasion. A baby is born first thing we buy even before we buy stuff for the baby is Mithai. In fact the baby is welcomed with a drop of honey dripping from gold. So you see we Indians are born with a sweet tooth. So this starts at birth and the obsession continues. It’s a birthday we need the best cake, it wedding we need Laddöös.  We just wait to pop sweet nothings into our mouth at the slightest news of…anything. We leave for exams with spoonful of Yogurt mixed with generous amounts of sugar. So you see my obsession for food has nothing to do with my personality, its related to my Nationality…I some how feel my life revolves around food. For me weekends mean trying new cuisines or styles of cooking. Weekend means eating out at a new eatery. For me having food with loved ones is celebrating.
I have very nicely experimented with food and people whom I feed my food. All have survived till date so my experiments continue. My latest obsession is with Baking….using the convection mode of my microwave. Lucky me my experiments with Baking are yielding better results since the time I have landed in Munich(Germnay) thanx to the big oven in my service apartment. So it’s a treat for me- I bake almost all possible things potatoes, chicken, onion, sweet potato..etc.

Being in Munich I miss India, but my fondest memories make me miss my spicy food back in India. The thing I m longing the most since I left my house in India, is my well equipped Kitchen…So if you ever invite me….remember if you want our meeting to be a  cherished one....good food has to be a part of it.

This is just a start to various things in life from my point of view…long ago I had already announced this…..that I will start a new series called “Its my Verzion of Life”….

PS: Readers please comment and make me feel your presence:)


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