Those 10 days Chapter !

Her eyes were very beautiful…and looked more so when she careful lined them with kohl…perfect big eyes….that rolled and mesmerized the world on every opportunity. Life could not be better for her she was a happy go lucky twenty something. She was the talk of the town. Every guy wanted to be her friend or rather boyfriend. She was outspoken and funny. She wanted a lot from life she had dreamt big dreams with those big eyes. She was not a no brainer she had the perfect combination of heart and the brain that made a great soul. She was known to the world as Siya.
So here we have Siya for you. He had always liked her but had never had the courage to talk to her….leave aside telling her his feelings. It was love at first sight for him. He always knew she would never ever even know about his feelings because he would never ever disclose them to her. He feared losing what he had. His friends always commented that he should try as he had nothing to lose. But for him just feeling her presence around was enough. He would not want to be snubbed around by her and be tagged as one of those wanna be guys who thought they could have more than they ever deserved. This is all about Mayank.
Mayank had always had a soft spot for Siya…right from the first day he saw her. She was ruffling between pages for last minute revision before her examination. Mayank was also doing the same until his sight felt on her. He was stuck at her, she had this very soothing effect on him. He wanted everyone around to vanish  except her. But his paranoia was interrupted by a loud bell in the examination premises. No it was not the loud bell that made him shift his sight but it was Siya moving away from his gaze to be in time for the examination. But he still wanted to be just there and wanted the time to freeze. But his friends started pushing him around and moved him into the examination hall. I t was the Math paper. He was not very good in math and today he was not interested in those numbers at all. For today the unknown was not ‘x’ but Siya for him. He didn’t know her name. He didn’t know anything about her, all he knew was that he will get a glimpse of her after the exams if he is lucky enough. He in his mind had decided that everyday before exams he would stand at the same spot as today and pray that she turns up right in front of him. He didn’t have the courage to go introduce himself and talk to her. Also he didn’t want his friends to do it for hi and as he didn’t want his secret to be know to his friends. Also he very well knew that his friends would any day steal her form him and they were much more eligible to be worth someone like Siya. He finished his paper quite early and came and stood outside the premises so that he doesn’t miss her. She followed him shortly. He was surprised to see her leave the examination hall so soon. He gathered some courage and went to her. She left in a hurry before he could say anything. He was left dreaming. He didn’t knew if he would have a glimpse of her again ever. But he secretly wished for it.

He had never ever waited for an exam with this much excitement. His heart was not in the books, but he knew he had to study to be with her. After all Siya would not be with a school dropout. With this thought he went back to his books and started reading again it was physics the next day….After meeting Siya today the theory of relativity made perfect sense to him. But his bad luck physics had many more theories, as Einstein didn’t stop at theory of relativity. He made a bunch of them…and now Mayank was pondering over them. He somehow survived the physics and the night. He dressed to his best. His family was confused he was getting ready for an examination or for a date. The only thing left for him was to carry a rose to the examination center. He was early at the examination center. He was waiting for Siya to arrive. He was trying to read and make it look like he was revising for his physics examination. She arrived and was right at the same spot she was yesterday. She looked like the fresh lavender, she was in red and it perfectly compliment her dusky complexion. It brought out her features very well. She looked confident today and was solving issues for her friends. Mayank also had many issues that needed to be solved but the problem was they were not anywhere close to physics. Days passed and mayank cherished every glimpse of Siya. He wanted to follow her every time she left his gaze but she cam and vanished like a dream. Mayank thought to himself if he could actually have her  as a dream he would never get up and sleep forever.

Days passed, everyone was waiting for the exams to get over but not Mayank. He wished these exams could go on forever and he would every morning have his lovely Siya in front of him. But like they say all good things come to an end and so did this Siya gazing exercise for Mayank. On the last day of the exam everyone was very happy and had plans to celebrate except for Mayank. He was not happy as end of exams meant end of his unknown and untold relationship with Siya. So he was sad in fact sulking and his friends could in no way understand his unexplained melancholy or cheer him up. Mayank had no clue from where she appeared and where she disappeared at the end of the final paper.

Chapter !! follows soon


  1. It seams its board exam. In next pls mention their percentage also ;-)

    1. life is not measured in percentages....stop worrying about their life dont worry about their percentages


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