Sawaal Jawaab Part 8

It was a good afternoon, sunny but not hot and cold breeze but not chilling. Shyama and Sridhar were out with their colleagues for Lunch. It was a planned Italian Lunch. Shayama was all excited, after all she loved trying new cuisines. Sridhar at first was skeptical, but then came along.
The Menu was difficult to understand for the simple reason that it was all in French. If any of you are thinking why an Italian lunch in a France….keep wondering.. Shayama was busy being happy so didn’t think so much. Also she knew names of more Italian dishes than French . For her French cuisine started with French Toast and ended with French Fries. So Italian was a better bet.

They were all seated and chatting with one of the colleagues translating  all she could so that Shayama and Sridhar could be a part of the conversations. Since being the only two native Hindi speakers there with same restrictions when it came to their meat eating capacity Shayama and Sridhar were chatting with each other as well…it was a rare sight….but with no audience.

Shyama: Good I didn’t order that penne pasta you ordered.
Sridhar: I recommended you Spaghetti

Shyama: You know it is awkward to eat spaghetti so you did that and kept penne for yourself.
Sridhar: Whatever, I wanted you t0o have something better

Shyama: You bet, mine is better. In fact the king Prawns are so good.
Sridhar: Mine is also good, but too much tomatoes.

Shyama: Oh I love the tomatoes here, they are so tasty. Just yesterday I made Pasta and had it with fresh tomato sauce. With a sprinkle of parmesan.
Sridhar: You make all of these stuff but never invite me over

Shyama: And why should  I ?
Sridhar: So that I can also have taste of your cooking.

Shyama: Did you invite me over anytime?
Sridhar: I am a boy and you are a girl. Girls cook very well. So you should invite me.

Shyama: First thing , don’t generalize. Secondly me being a girl should be of advantage to me and not you. And my 8 hrs in office are enough with you. I would not want to be with you any longer. And why would I spoil my mood and food by sharing a meal with you.
Sridhar: this was very direct and harsh.

Shyama: huhh…did you say something..Mangkhadwa
Sridhar: Wa…What wa did you just said.

Shyama: Nothing just remembered a colleague!
Sridhar: I so love the cheesy pasta

Shyama: I didn’t add much cheese to it, in fact I made in Red sauce
Sridhar: Pasta without cheese is a waste!

Shyama: Not everyone enjoys cheese.
Sridhar: If you don’t eat much cheese, then why are you still FAT!

That was it…Shyama was offended beyond repair.

Shyama: What did you just say??
Sridhar: uuu huuu…

Shyama: Don’t even dare utter a word. Moti Buddhi….I am far better than you. I eat what I cook, if you have to do that u will starve to death. You are the most Lazy person…..I know people who are fat because they don’t move much. And you have a brain full of fat instead of neurons…because you eat cheese and don’t use your brain. Don’t ever comment on me, think at least thousand times before you ever open your mouth. You have no idea of my life….my journey and so I don’t give you any right to comment on things that should not matter to you.
Sridhar: I didn’t mean that….

Shyama: I don’t care…You better eat fast or else the pasta in your plate will soon be on your head….


  1. This time shyama was very rude to sridhar. He just said her fat.....she also says so many even bad words to him. I pity sridhar.

    1. Please decide u r on which side n then stick there!!!

  2. I like the first part of their conversation..... Then it took usual turn

    1. Point taken.....but more do u expect from shyama n sridhar!


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