Sawaal Jawaab Part 6

The view form Shyama’s window was beautiful and skies, clouds floating around and sunshine filtering through the was just awesome she was really loving it. She could see the tree tops ending just below her window and the green leaves looked golden in the sunshine. It felt as if it was raining golden glitter on everything around. This was perfect setting for Sridhar to spoil. So as she was gazing out of the window dancing in her thoughts, she heard a loud thud.

Sridhar: Hello Madam Kaha ho?
Shyama: Me yahi hu…kaash tu na hota!

Sridhar: Hhhun what did you say?
Shyama: No...nothing that’s important to you.

Sridhar: So madam finally you are in Paris!
Shyama: Ya I am …it’s a nice place

Sridhar: I have been to many places around the globe yours being the first time how does it feel?
Shyama: I have gone to Hong Kong and Thailand…yes  but I understand the difference in your and my travel..I use my money and travel for leisure and you depend on the company to sponsor you and you travel to slog and work on a foreign location.

Sridhar: Whatever but its an experience, which I have of working on onshore locations.
Shyama: ok, and how does work differ in onshore and offshore???

Sridhar: aaaaaaaa
Shyama: Don’t try, I know you might not have an answer for this. Because there is no difference. Work is work, location doesn’t change it. Yes but I understand what you get excited about being in onshore is the perks of boasting that I have travelled to so and so country.

Sridhar: but I have…what boasting?
Shyama: Boast when you use your own money for it….you have travelled so much why didn’t you save some money and then plan a personal leisure travel for your family. I am saying that because you so like being on a foreign location…..

Sridhar: that’s my personal preference and choice , I don’t need your advice on it.
Shyama: Similarly me not travelling for business and travelling only for leisure to foreign countries is a choice I made. I choose to work from India and contribute expensively than travel onshore in form of cheap labor.

Sridhar: You are saying I am cheap
Shyama: no you are saying that….I said I am not cheap in fact I am expensive for the project to afford me.

Sridhar: Now leave all that now we are here, this your first onshore assignment, don’t be nervous and face situations and people confidently
Shyama: Ok, thanx for your concern.

Sridhar: but let me tell you its not as easy as you think it is…so please be a little alert.
Shyama: Don’t worry I am always on high alert with you around me ;)

Sridhar: Please get serious…
Shyama: I ma pretty serious….if I get anymore serious we might need a ventilator

Sridhar: Please yaar…I am trying to tell you something important
Shyama: So I am Serious (gasping for breath)

Sridhar: I think I should leave
Shyama: Immediately

Sridhar: that’s insult!
Shyama: no its an order…now get moving…

Sridhar: This is not the right thing to do.
Shyama: Yes your are right this is not the right thing to do when someone asks you to leave …you should immediately

Sridhar: Ok
Shyama: finally….u get what I am saying

Sridhar: But…
Shyama: no ifs and buts…just pick up your Butt…and left right left!

Sridhra left with a facing hanging so low it could sweep the floor very well. Shyama had decided that she wanted no more of this unwanted gyan from Sridhar that he had been imparting her for more than a month now. His only motive was to somehow make Shyama and people around them understand how Shayama who had not been on onshore assignments was a poor chick who didn’t get to travel much and so was short on client engagement experience.
And so finally this was it….an end to a month long torture….
As he left shayama turned to the window and was again lost in her thoughts…but this time she had a smile and the golden glow from the sunshine reflected on her face.

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