“Eat Breakfast like a KING!
Lunch like a PRINCE!
Dinner like a PAUPER”

I don’t know who said this, but when I was searching for the next best diet I came across this statement that was posed against healthy diet and nutrition columns. I liked this idea of healthy life style. It told dieting was not a one time thing but a life style change. What could be better than have a lifestyle statement that wanted you to eat and not once but reinforced eating thrice. And also made you feel kingly right at the start of your day. As for me all the diets I had been so far had always made me feel poor, as all I was eating was raw foods(Fruits and salads). So with this new mantra came as a new MOTIvation for a slimmer tomorrow.

So here I was, all ready to begin my day eating like a king. Basically I am not a breakfast person, somehow the only time during a day when I am not hungry is the mornings. All diet gurus  recommend you to have a compulsory breakfast but when you are calorie counting you would not want to have breakfast when you are not hungry and waste your very precious calories. But with  the new mantra,I had to eat a big breakfast and that I did. I had everything I could lay my hands on. Remember I was king at breakfast time and nothing is away from a Kings reach so I had all food at my reach very soon in my stomach. So as soon as I woke up I was once again sleepy and lazy thanx to my king’s breakfast. Never the less the day had just started so I had to move on and I did reached college feeling very sluggish. The day was very boring  and I was sleepy through out. Before I could notice it was time for Lunch, with the heavy breakfast I was not at all hungry but the mantra said after consuming a King’s breakfast we had to eat a lunch royally like a prince, so I embarked on my journey to canteen with my lunch box. I gulped the lunch down chatting with friends, it didn’t seem that difficult talking makes it easier to eat surplus amounts of food. So the Lunch was done and mind you the time gap between breakfast and lunch is not that much but the gap between lunch and dinner is long. But with major first half of my day invested in eating royally, I wasn’t bothered much. College was done for the day by 4 and I was home by 5. There was still a long 4 hrs gap for dinner. I kept myself busy on internet surfing images of the poor people. I wanted to know what they ate. My mom asked what I wanted to have for dinner and I had a prompt Query, “Apne Ghar kaam karne wali maid kya khati hai??” Mom replied, “ I don’t cook for her, so sorry but I don’t know.” I still kept thinking and realized it would be best to eat salads. So I declared to mom, “ I will have salads, I am following a special diet mantra and it preaches me to have dinner like that of a poor person.” My mom turned to me smiled and replies, “okay will make something of that sort.” She was back in the kitchen and I to the PC. The picture of what poor ate was already making sad for myself.

Dinner was ready and served. Everyone had there plate full and I had a bowl of some milky white water. I enquired with mom, “ Where is my dinner?” She replied, “ Its right there in the bowl in front of you. It’s the water I drained from the rice I cooked for dinner. I think that fits the bill perfectly.” I was left speechless, how can this liquid ever help me go to sleep. I some how gulped it down it was not that bad, I was sure to have a grumpy tummy all night. The night passed waiting for me to be the King again! this continued for a week. Before going on any diet permanently I try it for a week I call it my DIET-POC…Proof of concept. The mornings were full of sweets and fried stuff. Lunch was the normal my new mantra didn’t change my lunch much (so I believe I was already living the life of a prince)and dinner off course something not so good.  So finally  it was the end of the week and time for the result of my diet POC.
I was very excited, normally when on a diet my clothes gave me some hints, but his time it was a blind game. I was on the weighing scale breathe out pull your tummy in and peek to the small display window that shows the numbers. The numbers scared me they had climbed up a steep hill, I was scared and jumped away from the weighing machine. I thought something must be wrong with the machine or my eyes. Never in my life I had gained so much weight in a week. I called my sister and once again with all courage I managed to be on  the weighing machine.
The numbers did the same thing again……I could not believe my eyes. I was heart broken. We always say old is gold, how can an age old diet mantra go wrong with me?

Being a smart girl that I am, I very soon realized that its not so easy to be a king more so eat like a king. Eat like a King meant eat to your stomach content and not to your hearts content…is baar fir Dil ne dokha diya tha….Uff!!!

Lessons Learnt: You can never lose weight with eating…no matter you eat like a king, prince or pauper!!!


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    1. It can b funny to u.....but dieting is no fun to me!

  2. Kya yaar u demotivated me, mai ye diet follow karnewali thi..

    1. How can a post titled MOTIvation.... Demotivate u??


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