Sawaal Jawaab Part 7

Shyama was running late…so she skipped her lunch as she had a bunch of meetings to catch. Imagine the boredom of the meetings that’s she was sleepy even on an empty stomach. She somehow survived the meetings ..the only saving grace in the meetings was a funny looking and awkward  face of Sridhar. He would make that typical face and keep digging for only-god-knows-what in his ear all the time in meetings. Shyama would secretly wish in her heart that French didn’t take him as an example for all Indian men. She somehow sailed through the meetings taking every important note that she would work on after the series of meetings were over.
She stepped out of the meeting room really hungry and really sleepy. She decide to have a quick snack. But with Sridhar around you cannot expect anything…and I mean anything not even a piece of cake with peace of mind.
Shyama proceed to cafeteria, she loved the croissants and  muffins here. She would skip lunch to accommodate one in her diet plan. As she was about to leave she heard a shout.

Sridhar: Where? Where are you going?
Shyama: Cafeteria. To eat a snack any problems with you?

Sridhar: No…I just wanted to accompany you.
Shyama: Why are you taking the trouble, I know the way to cafeteria. You please sit back and relax.

Sridhar: No I want to come
Shyama: Okay, come who has the strength to stop you. Come follow me …

They slowly proceeded to the cafeteria. The cafeteria was closed by now, so they moved to the wending machine. It was a new thing for Shyama. Wending machines for food were not a common thing in India by now. She liked to put her card tap numbers and see food fall down to her.

Sridhar: So want will you eat today, chocolate croissant again?
Shyama: OMG , you maintain a record of what I eat…that cheap Sridhar.

Sridhar(Visibly embarrassed) : No I was only guessing
Shyama: now I get why I get a stomach ache every time you accompany me to the cafeteria.

Sridhar: Please don’t make it an issue
Shyama: You ogle at my food and I cant even tell you the after effects.

Shyama opted for a coffee cake and swiftly moved to a table and started eating without looking at Sridhar. She didn’t want to share even the aroma of her cake with him.

Sridhar: Kaisa hai
Shyama: Umm….very tasty

Sridhar: Who will eat so much sweet!
Shyama: It’s not that sweet in fact it’s a little bitter…its coffee cake you see.

Sridhar: Just 5 more weeks left for us to fly home, we are reaching Sunday early morning right.
Shyama: No I think we will be home by 3 AM. Which is a little before Sunday morning ;)

Sridhar: No we wont reach before 5, it will take time for us to leave the airport..
Shyama: No I guess max 45 mins and we will be out with our luggage.

Sridhar: No I want to shop at the airport.
Shyama: What!!? You want to shop at night and make all of us wait for you. You better get a separate cab for you.

Sridhar: Why should I? you have to wait for me
Shyama: I have my family with me and I don’t want to waste time in the night there, I would rather hurry up home.

Sridhar: That’s your problem
Shyama: No that’s not my problem, the problem is with you, I don’t think the office cab will wait for your shopping.

Sridhar: The Cab will have to wait
Shyama: In your dreams, we will tell the cab what time we are out and there is no reason why the cab will wait for someone who is utilizing an official trip for shopping. I am not telling you to not shop, I m just telling you to give your very reasonable reason to transport desk and get a separate cab booked for you. When you can get a separate cab booked for yourself without any money going from your pocket why do you want to bother me and make me wait for your shopping to get over

Sridhar: Waise bhi I don’t want to travel with you…who will travel with a crowd(Shayama’s daughter and Mom)
Shyama: Oh thank god finally. I thank you for this gesture.

Shyama threw the titbits of cake left behind and walked away without looking at Sridhar….Sridhar followed her without a word…..Probably this will also happen at the airport…Sridhar will follow Shyama without a word…..

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  1. nice one. but sad that sridhar still accompanies shyama :)

    1. hi my anonymus reader...thanx for ur comment and also for taking time out to read.

  2. Seems like Shyama z giving tough to Sridhar..... waiting fr more

  3. Hahahaha we will talk about this ..... let me laugh :)

    1. haso haso..maje lo...finally a omment from you


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