Those 10 days... Chapter !V

Days started moving very fast, almost a week was over and Mayank was exactly at the same spot he had started. He would still everyday plan to sit in a place from where he could have the perfect gaze of Siya. But then it started to bother him, he wanted this to move ahead. He wanted to be friends with her, he would see her talking to people and be so jealous of them. He knew it was now or never. He had to start talking to her now or he would never be a part of her core group of friends. So this set him thinking. The college for the day was over and like everyday even today he didn’t get to speak to Siya…he felt time was slipping from his hand. The harder he tried the faster the time ran like the sand slipped from a tight fist. He was sad and wishing for a miracle. He was standing and  waiting for the bus back home and was so angry at everything. He was not able to woe a girl, not get a bike from his brother……he was just feeling wasted.
Just then the bus arrived, everybody boarded the bus. He sat right behind the driver. Everyone was in the bus, but the bus wouldn’t move. Mayank was already tired and irritated. He yelled at the driver, “Ab kya nariyal fodu bus ke aghe tab bus hilayega yaha se??”

The driver gave him a stern look and pointed backwards. He turned and saw Siya running to catch the bus. He quietly went back and sat in his seat. Huffing puffing Siya entered the bus and thanked the driver. Mayank was praying silently that driver should not tell that Siya that he was creating ruckus as he was not taking the bus ahead. He didn’t want to be in her bad books already. Siya smiled at him and sat right next to him. His heart almost skipped a beat. Siya, “Hi”. Mayank, “Hi, how come in this bus?” Siya, “I should ask you that, I am in this bus daily”. Mayank, “Oh really, I didn’t notice may be”. He said this on purpose and then continued, “So how are you liking college?” Siya, “Its good, but it’s  not for me. I am awaiting my medical admission and as soon as they are finalized I will drop out of the college and continue in medical college. I am coming to college just to kill time till the medical admission is finalized.” Mayank didn’t utter a word in the journey after this. It was like god gave him everything and then just took it away at the same time. Halfway through the journey  he thought, something is better than nothing and started talking again. Mayank, “You talk a lot!”  Siya, “Really ??” Mayank, “ Yes, but it a nice thing. I like people who are open like a book. This proves they have a clean heart.” Mayank, “ So where do you get down from this bus?” Siya, “ Last stop” Mayank, “Really , me too” Where do you stay, “ Suncity”. Mayank, “ Are you kidding me!”. Siya Surprised, “ No, I have been staying there all my life” Mayank, “ You wont believe, I too stay in suncity….and yes right from my birth” Siya, “Really, that is a strange coincidence” . Just then they both realized that bus at the last stop it was time to get down. Mayank, “What time do you leave for the college in the morning, we can go togather”. Siya, “8:45 and I catch the 8:50 bus” . Siya, “ Okay then lets meet tomorrow at bus stop at 8:45”. They walked together and Mayank’s building came first so Siya waved him  good-bye and continued walking. Mayank so wanted Siya’s place to come first so that he could find out where Siya stays. But hard luck like always he thought. He kept thinking to himself, talking to himself…in short for rest of the day he kept it to himself. He didn’t want to talk to people and crowd his head with other thoughts. He was happy that he finally got to talk to Siya and he was additionally happy because god just threw the opportunity at him or rather the opportunity came running to him. He also wondered  that Siya was an ambitious girl, planning to be a doctor. Would he ever have a chance with her? He had too many things to think about. He thought its better to live for the moment now and leave rest for God to worry.
He had an early dinner and slept early. He wanted to be in time at the bus stop the next day….

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