Its my Verzion of Life.....Birthday

BIRTHDAY…I am sure as soon as I was born I must have said,  “Hamara swagat nai karoge” I am in  away obsessed with my birthday. For me it is a very important day for everyone around me. It is a compulsory holiday for them, but the one on which they can be lazy. They have to be on their toes to keep me happy and radiating through the day. I deserve everything on this particular day and people around can start with getting me gifts which have to be of my choice. I know it is difficult  to guess every year as to what I want, simple and easy I make it for them. I start dropping hints at least a month before so that they can easily arrange for funds and other resources and arrange for the gift that I am EXPECTING. I keeping a countdown to my birthday and everyone is reminded on a daily basis of how many more days to go, but still every one must act surprised and give me more and more surprises.
I demand call right at the stroke of midnight…cake and gifts should follow. I keep a track of people wishing me my birthday and in the correct sequence…so beware…I am really strict here.
 But all in all I am big fan of myself and I love that to be celebrated not only on my birthday…but all year long. I am a pampered spoilt child who refuses to grow up….

PS: I will not entertain comments asking for my age!!!


  1. Yes its true.....Every birthday call had a ranking for her. ... 1st caller, 2nd caller and so on....till callers calling next day or even a week later.....and then last years list will be compared with current years.

    1. This information is coming right from the crime scene....people u better believe this!!


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