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More power to your Presentations !

Image source - Google Let’s begin with a question, what does PPT stand for? Yes, I know without context, it will be difficult to answer. But I still think the first thing that came to the mind of most of us is “Power Point Presentation”. When working in a corporate set-up this is a tool that is your best friend if used effectively. Using it effectively is very important, I have seen and attended epic failures. To be honest I also began the same way. You do a bad presentation and learn how to be better at it with time. But then there are better ways to learn, one of them is to imbibe certain unsaid rule, to be more effective. I think I have set the context well, now let’s get to reality. So I basically had to present, to a varied and fairly unknown crowd. So techniques like, “know your audience” and their “expectations” didn’t work So I set out to find ways, that would help me be more impressive with my presentation deck and my overall presentation. So began my research on

Engineering culture and a working MOM !! - Part 2

  As I look back, my journey as a mother has been phenomenal. I have been amazed at myself and my daughter. I have been through things that I didn’t ever feel I would be able to survive. One look at my daughter, I comprehend how rapidly kids learn. Even these tiny beings have an awareness of the surrounding and quickly camouflages itself from danger or uncertainty. This journey has made me more aware than ever, I today know how important it is to change and not all goes by as planned. The best way to plan for a better future is to be ready for a change at any given point of time. As we all know kids grow and learn very fast, so they outgrow their toys and clothes very quickly. And I being a working mom, try and invest my time very wisely to make sure I can avoid repetitive visits to the shopping mall. As I know every visit brings along a lot of tantrums and unnecessary stuff home. So I started focusing on things that could be reused and upcycled with a   growing child. That