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Prakruti Parikshan

So we all are here for some or the other benefits. We all want to attain improved level of fitness and eventually wholesome wellbeing.   When we talk about wholesome wellbeing, it encompasses not only physical but also psychological wellbeing. So where do we begin, how about inside out? Well let’s start with understanding what we are made up of ? All the advocates of modern science and medicine will get back to be in a prompt manner with a straight face, “Bones and Muscles and few more tissues and fluids”. I fully agree with the same but that is where the modern medicine and knowledge ends and Ayurved begins, it’s much more profound, pertinent and truly personalized. As per Ayurved we all made up of Panchmahabhut , but we are still all different and cannot under any circumstance be generalized.   As per Ayurved everything around us, including living and non-living things are made of five basic elements called the Mahabhut . These Five elements or Panchmahabhut are Prithvi,