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So we all are here for some or the other benefits. We all want to attain improved level of fitness and eventually wholesome wellbeing.  When we talk about wholesome wellbeing, it encompasses not only physical but also psychological wellbeing.
So where do we begin, how about inside out? Well let’s start with understanding what we are made up of ? All the advocates of modern science and medicine will get back to be in a prompt manner with a straight face, “Bones and Muscles and few more tissues and fluids”. I fully agree with the same but that is where the modern medicine and knowledge ends and Ayurved begins, it’s much more profound, pertinent and truly personalized. As per Ayurved we all made up of Panchmahabhut, but we are still all different and cannot under any circumstance be generalized.
As per Ayurved everything around us, including living and non-living things are made of five basic elements called the Mahabhut. These Five elements or Panchmahabhut are Prithvi, Jal, Vayu, Agni, Akash. And depending on their constitution we get the Tridoshas , Vata (Vayu & Akash), Pitta (Agni) and Kapha (Prithvi & Jal).
What will we do , how will be talk, look, what will we like to eat and all other physical, psychological and other characteristics of our personality are decided the moment when the first cell of our body is formed by the fusion of an Egg and Sperm. The conditions at that point of time hugely impact and influence the Panchmahabhut  and  eventually the Tridosha on the embryo. So basically Prakruti is the natural constitution of an individual. The nature and predispositions you were born with.

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I hope all of this was not too heavy for you. Please read and try to understand the fundamentals.  So now let’s get going with the fun stuff. So now since we all understand we are all unique and so are our aliments and there fixes. At a superficial level we feel all our problems are the same , but let’s try and find personalized solutions to them. So here in I am attaching a questionnaire that will help you understand your Prakruti or constitution. Let’s all take this quick test and have the answers in the Comments and will then in further series publish the dietetic and lifestyle variations suggested for each Prakruti.
Physical constitution
Question VataPittaKaphaYour Score
Framethin, lanky, boney and taller or shorter than averageaverage build and size, weight centered in middle

heavy, stocky, broad and either very tall or very short  
weightlow, difficulties in gaining weightmoderate, no difficulties in gaining or loosing weight

heavy, difficulties in loosing weight  
appetiteunpredictable, irregular, variable strong, cannot skip meals and will have to eat again after 3 or 4 hours

constant but can skip meals easily and tolerate hunger and thirst

amount of foodvery variable, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little

usually a lot, can eat large quantities at once

usually not much, can feel full with a little

skin texturethin and dry, cool to touch, roughsmooth and warm, oily T-zone thick and moist/greasy, cold 
complexiondark, tans easily fair with freckles, moles, prone to sunburnpale and hardly tans  
hairdry, brittle and curly/frizzy soft, straight and finethick and weavy, tends to get greasy  
eyessmall and dry, blink a lot penetrating gaze, reddish sclerae large and moist, white sclerae 
lipsthin and dry, often chapped pink and soft full and smooth  
teethcrooked, irregular with receding gums yellowish, gums easily bleed large, white and straight  
fingers & nailsdelicate, small and long fingers with chipped nails
regular fingers with pink and soft nails wide, angular fingers with large and hard nails

voicelow volume, hoarse and cracking loud and sharp pleasant, harmonious, low pitch  
body temperaturefeels colder than others; cold feet and hands

feels hotter that others; palms, feet and face warm or hot

normal, palms and feet cool  
perspirationscanty with little odourintense during physical activities or when it gets hot, sharp smell

constant and moderate, sweet smell  
sleeplight sleeper, awakes easily and may have difficulties falling asleep

sleeps deep and even, hardly needs more than 8 hours sleep

long and sound sleeper, has difficulties awakening even after long hours of sleep

walkfast with a light stepaverage speed, determined step slow pace, steady step  
weatherprefers warm climates, dislikes windy dry and cold days

prefers cooler climates, dislikes heat adaptable to most climates but can't stand cold and rainy days

Mental constitution
Question VataPittaKaphaYour Score
lively and enthusiastic, likes to change
purposeful and intense, likes to convince easy going and accepting, likes to support  
 independent but insecure, nervous in new situations  
outgoing, assertive, accessible, leader nature follower, good listener, accommodating, lots of friends  
negative traitsuncertain and jumpy furious and bossy greedy and possessive  
under stressbecomes anxious and worried becomes irritable and aggressive becomes withdrawn and passive  
talkvery talkative; fast, diffused speaking talkative, good speaker, good at arguments slow, steady speaker, limited speech, cautious  
memoryshort attention span, forgets things easily moderate, remembers details clearly and forgets rather slowly

excellent long-term memory, hardly forgets anything  
learning typemainly verbal, might have difficulties in truly understanding

lots of visual imagery, learns efficiently feelings and emotions involved, usually grasping late but ultimately understandig well

dreamsflying, searching, restless, prone to nightmares fighting, violent, passionate and colorful few, sentimental, romantic, watery, sad  
falls in and out of love easily
intense, passionate love affairs long term relationships full of affection and love

creativitydistinct and detailed ideas in many areas inventive in technical or scientific areas creative when dealing with business things  
decisionsmaking decisions often feels like a problematic and difficult process

makes decisions quickly and determined take their time to think things through 
intereststravelling, dancing, arts sports, politics, luxury business, food, literature  
financesspends easily, doesn't save much and often feels poor

spends money on certain chosen things, luxury saves money, spends freely on food and entertainment

activityhyperactive, restless active, enjoys exercise and competition somewhat lethargic  
sex driveextreme or none at all passionate and dominating constant and loyal  
beliefserratic, rebel, changing determined, strong principles permanent, doesn't change easily  
lifestyleerratic, free and unattached bustling, well planned regular, gets into a rut easily  

For every question choose the most suited answer and then take a total score and mention in comment as
xVata/yPitta/zKapha. I will help you with your exact Prakruti….and there we begin a personalized fitness journey!!

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  1. I am a combination of pitta and kapha dosha. Pitta dosha being prominent. Now looking forward for how to balance it!

    1. Hey Aparna, great so you now know your constitution. Be hooked to #ignitefat.
      Will soon share Dosha specific diet.

  2. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.


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