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She Believed, She Could, So She Did - Anubha Sharma

Anubha Sharma "You live, you learn, and you upgrade "this best explains Anubha. Being an Army brat, very early in her life she learned to embrace change and find new learnings at every opportunity. She has called all corners of the country her home during her growing up years and this helped her develop fondness for local produce and local cuisines. Her Dad instilled in her the love for experimenting new things and making very failure a learning experience. He willingly became his guinea pig for all her baking adventures during growing up years. Her mother was an academician, and her partner in baking adventures. Both siblings were taught at a very early age to speak their minds, Anubha was also an avid debater, school captain! She went on to complete her graduation from Delhi University followed by her Master’s in Business Administration. She worked in advertising for 4 years, before getting married and moving abroad, and thus her travels continued. She travelled across the

She Believed, She Could, So She Did - Shailaja Kumar Gupta

Shailaja Kumar Gupta It’s said, "Life belongs to the energetic". Without a doubt Shailaja is winning in life with the infinite energy that she has. She is one vivacious and energetic person. She has a magnetic persona, and it is difficult to not like her. Her passion towards life and the discipline is awe-inspiring. She hails from an academically inclined family with her father being a retired ACP and mother a retired medical office from GMC, Nagpur. She also went the same way and completed her master’s in computer management and went on to work for organizations like Citibank, Wipro etc before taking a plunge into her passion. She has always been a performer, a go getter with a passion for fitness. The seeds of an active lifestyle were soon in her childhood, when she saw her busy parents taking time for an active lifestyle. However her first push came from her brother, who himself was an athlete. She feels at home when on stage, she has won many pageants like, Miss. Vidarbha