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Anubha Sharma

"You live, you learn, and you upgrade "this best explains Anubha. Being an Army brat, very early in her life she learned to embrace change and find new learnings at every opportunity. She has called all corners of the country her home during her growing up years and this helped her develop fondness for local produce and local cuisines. Her Dad instilled in her the love for experimenting new things and making very failure a learning experience. He willingly became his guinea pig for all her baking adventures during growing up years. Her mother was an academician, and her partner in baking adventures. Both siblings were taught at a very early age to speak their minds, Anubha was also an avid debater, school captain! She went on to complete her graduation from Delhi University followed by her Master’s in Business Administration. She worked in advertising for 4 years, before getting married and moving abroad, and thus her travels continued. She travelled across the US and UK, where again her love for baking and local produce spurred her to learn more. She is currently based in Pune with her husband and kids. Through her kids she keeps a tab on latest trends, and they share a great bond. And this right here that her entrepreneurial journey starts, lets now travel her journey with her.

1. What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture? 

I am a home baker. I offer a variety of customized desserts and treats to suit individual palettes. 

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2. How did you get your idea or concept? 

When my husband moved to Mumbai in 2013, I left my corporate life and moved to freelancing as a behavioral trainer. I constantly felt that I had the capacity for something more. Which in my case was my love of baking! Always an avid baker, I was thinking to do something about this. My daughter nagged me to start Cuppacake officially, I'm blessed to have a family n friends that have my back. My initial forays were restricted to baking for friends n family, but then we again moved from Mumbai to Pune. And it's at that time, that I took a call to firmly try and make a go of this along with training. As a freelance, I had the luxury of managing my time. Thus, started Cuppacake in 2017... a hobby that was my passion, eventually a money Turner. 

3.What do the day-to-day responsibilities of the role look like? 

My days are hectic!! A typical day would have me in the kitchen, baking, frosting or giving final touches to the cake orders. At times, this may run parallel to an online training session. A lot of planning goes into ensuring that both my responsibilities don't clash. 

4. What are some of the mistakes you wish you could have avoided? 

Initially when I started, there was the temptation to provide goods for less. As you're not sure about the market n don't want to lose customers. But slowly, I've realized that one should have a strong belief in oneself, as good work speaks for itself and people value your efforts. Also, reach out for support as and when you need it, don't be ashamed to admit you need help. We're human after all. 

5. Are you happy and what would you change?

I am absolutely happy with the way things are.... But I'd love to create new opportunities to grow, learn new things and expand. 

6. A quote you stand by 

Each day brings new things to learn... Seize that moment and keep growing!!! 😊

Wow, what a journey! I have seen people who crave stability their whole life, who don't like moving often. But looks like, moving often is not a bad thing after all. Anubha proves every new place brings in so many opportunities to learn and grow. I am sure in every cake that Anubha bakes and even the tiniest of art she adds to the cake, tell a story of a place she has travelled, dwelled and learned from.

Cake on Anubha!



  1. I'm sure it's easy for a beautiful person inside out to be good at everything they do. Anubha is one such individual.

    My meetings with her have always been only for those few minutes when we go to her place to pick up our cake orders but the long conversations that happen over phone and WhatsApp discussing those orders, my fancy and sometimes complicated requests truly are a testimonial to her earnestness and passion.

    She's always up for the challenges I keep throwing at her and the end result is always on point. She's open to feedback, listens carefully and leaves no stone unturned to make sure she's done her best.

    I would totally recommend her beautiful cakes and desserts!!! I wish her many more beautiful, gratifying works of art... her cakes and loads of success in everything she does. More love and power to you Anubha :-)

    1. Thank you Jaspreet. It's my pleasure to have you as a friend & well wisher...

  2. Big fans! We love you Anubha... "Cake waala Love" I've always recommended your work to friends and now I want to use this platform to let everyone know the same! With all those endless briefs and demands, you never shy away... Cheers to you our Family Baker πŸ’“

    1. Thank you Ramneek.. Love baking for you all😍😍

  3. Whenever I have looked and tested her creation, a feeling of wow / fantastic comes to my mind. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone to just go for her bakes.


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