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Forget me NOT!

Sakhi woke up will a startle, it was 8 already she had to get little Rhea ready for school. Pack her tiffin, give her a bath, tidy up her hair. She had so much to do, she quickly jumped out of the bed and kept the milk for boiling, switched on the geyser so that Rhea had warm water for her batch. All this while she running around not realizing Rhea was not on the bed. She got her uniform ready and went to wake her up only to realize she was not on the bed. In fact the bed was so neat and tidy, it felt as if no one slept on it. She panicked, called out her husband but didn’t here anything back from him either. She looked around but no one was there, she reached for the phone to call her husband. She wanted to know what was happening and where were they. She kept calling not no one answered the phone. By this time she was feeling really uneasy, she felt something amiss. Suddenly she heard a hissing sound and rushed to the kitchen milk had boiled over, she didn’t care. She switch

Our Principles

   Image courtesy -- Shutterstock While we should never give up our principles, we must also realize that we cannot maintain our principles unless we survive. - Henry Kissinger Wow!!! now this is something that tells you in a gist something that life will eventually   teach you. Its sometimes important to bend, so that you don’t break. You bend once to stand back again, but if you break there is no going back. We have to learn to unlearn things and stride with the tide. We need to be flexible and learn every day and keep on improvising everything around, including ourselves and our principles. Our principles make us, but if they start to wither us , we need to rethink. We make our principles not once , but we keep building them. So let’s   continuously work on our principles and live with them and not for them.