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Shamika wanted it to be special, but she herself was in a rut. She didn’t really want to take any extra efforts. She was basically relying on the people around to make life and days special for her. But somehow her emotions were being contagious and no one was showing any enthusiasm. She had always been the one with the max excitement, be it birthdays or any other occasion. She would not leave any opportunity to add a little more sparkle to lives of people around. So basically nor she nor anyone else was planning on doing anything special. She was already in office, she wore a bright red lipstick. Her new slogan in life, wear bright colors when life shows you   the darkest shades of grey. So these days you would spot her wearing the best lip shades. While she looked around nothing special could be spotted , all were okay being okay with the fact that it was an opportunity to celebrate and we were just letting it go. She knew celebrations were not tied to days, but still! So she t