C for Curiosity

So going be this we all could be Einstein’s only if we were more curious about the right things. People today are less curious about their own lives and more about their neighbor’s. I feel if you are positively curious you gain deeper understanding and enlightenment and if you are negatively curious you end up being in a deep dark pit called jealousy. Just being curious is not enough you have to choose the correct subject. Curiosity is all about being alive. A person who lacks curiosity has no means to survive the struggle called life. It’s the curiosity in things people and the future that keeps us going. Hope I believe is a form of positive curiosity.

Its curiosity that gives us that much required push. The first thing that a baby learns is curiosity and then curiosity takes him places. Its curiosity that make the baby try to move, crawl, walk, talk.  Also Curiosity can be both an active emotion and a very very passive emotion. Sometimes we are not even aware that we are curios about a certain thing. But that pull in our heart that knot in our tummy is nothing but the curiosity to know the unknown to experience the unknown.

Right now I am really curios where my writing will take me, I want to spread my wings and fly, I want my wings to be as wide as sky. Its my curiosity of an uncertain future that holds me and pushes me ahead. So for just one wish and advice , just be curious, be alive!

C for curiosity was contributed by reader Siddhi.
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  1. You are right.. Would like to add that curiousity not to b mixed with inquisitiveness.

  2. it's awesome to be curious... :-)

    1. very correct....i love the way you write archana..i ahve alwasy enjoyed reading your articles. thanks for stopping by

  3. Right...... Everyone should try to b positively curious.... I ll start frm myself.... Thnx fr direction

    1. thanks dear...if my article makes one person positively curious, my task is done. curiosity and positivity both are contagious..keep infecting people and spread it


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