Me n My Death

Death like not many other things in life only happens once, and that makes it all the more important to have it my way. I am actually a pessimist trying hard to me an optimist, so the thought of my death does cross my head plenty of time. And let me tell you, I am a wicked, wicked person and my death is not going to change that. So I have my set of wicked plan, although those plans don’t come into picture anytime while I am alive. So the pessimist that I am I think of death, but the trying to me an optimist part stops me form planning the same. But nothing in me stops me from planning rather having a few wishes post I am dead.
It could have been an exhaustive list but being from the IT industry I understand that not every requirement is a must have. So I have painfully let go of the nice to have wishes. And not only that but I have also prioritized the must haves so that I have nothing to complain later.
So here goes my list of wishes:

Ø  God please make me thin by then, I don’t want to look fat on my death bed. Also I don’t want more than 4 shoulders to carry me. Make me light enough to be lifted before uplifting me altogether. I am putting this wish on to God’s desk cause I know only he can do miracles.
Ø  I know men don’t cry, but I really don’t care of these things…I want Ganga-Jamuna  flowing from my husband’s eyes.
Ø  Please parcel a few samosas, soft drinks , pastries and all tasty fattening stuff with me, you know spirits don’t put on weight. I would want to hog on food, the first opportunity I get.
Ø  Last but not the least engrave my grave saying “BRB” instead of “RIP”…


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    1. Interesting it is...there is a kabir doha whihc goes like this "Maan mara Tan mara mara sakal shareer...Asha trishna na mari...keh gaye das kabir" wishes live on..they live longer then us...they live on

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    1. how come..i think i have given my funny take on was meant to bring a smile to ur lips and a thought of "silly girl" to your heart

  3. hahah! Your wishes for death is too cool :D

  4. that one shows a fun loving person at heart.....not a pessimist, loved your wicked plan of samosas.....:)

  5. Thanks Sunaina...Samosa n wicked...please Samosa's are so damn innocent


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