Step back

They had been seeing each other for many years now. Even their families knew about them and there was no opposition of any type from either of the families. Life was going very fine, they were both in their final year of engineering. Both were soon to step out of the college and enter the professional world. Rishi was madly in love with Neetu. Neetu though looked very innocent, was a very sensible girl. They had been together for so long but Neetu maintained that though in love they had to be friends till they moved their relationship to the next legal level and by that she meant marriage. Like any other madly in love boy, Rishi always complained against this. He would always say, “Why do we have to wait, how much more formal agreements you need? The world, our parents all know about us and all have agreed to this relationship. Its only matter of time, that we start earning we will get married.” Neetu would coolly pacify Rishi and change the topic. Neetu knew Rishi would never do anything against her wish and so never hesitated in meeting him alone. Neetu invested in the relationship in the form of trust and Rishi in the form of Love. This made for a very strong relationship.

Rishi had not come to college that day and so Neetu decided to call him. Rishi informed her that he was not well and asked her if she could drop by after college. Neetu readily agreed. Neetu finished college hurried to catch the first train and reach Rishi ASAP. Rishi was home alone and had been thinking of Neetu through the day. He never understood why she didn’t trust him enough to take their relationship any step further. All the thinking and longing for Neetu made Rishi make up his mind that he would take a chance today. He thought to himself, “ she loves you, she will surrender.” He thought she eventually will slip into the same thoughts. He made the room clean and cozy. The room was kept cold with AC and he ordered some cake and chocolates for her. Around 4 pm Neetu knocked. She was at Rishi’s door step. Rishi smiled and opened the door.  Neetu was a little surprised, Rishi didn’t look sick, in fact to her surprise he was looking very excited. She noticed the aroma of scented candles in the room. Neetu, “ What’s happening here, are you really sick?” Rishi winked at her and closed the door. She didn’t like it. She started walking towards the sofa she was tired of travelling. Before she could reach the sofa Rishi grabbed her from behind and turned her towards him. Neetu resisted, but Rishi didn’t let her go. He pushed her onto the sofa and planted a kiss on her cheeks and swiftly moved to her lips. By this time Neetu understood Rishi’s intention. She tried to escape and tried to reason with Rishi. But Rishi had his mind made and was not ready for ‘no’ as an answer. She gathered all her strength and stood up. Rishi didn’t expect this. She suddenly became and hard and cold like a stone. Rishi got annoyed and started to argue, “ why, can’t we move a step ahead?” Neetu had her eyes brimming with tears. She took her bag and started walking towards the door. Her trust had shattered. She opened the door and left.

Rishi sat on the floor, in a few moments Rishi’s cell beeped. It was a message from Neetu. It read, “Step back….a no means NO”. Rishi so wanted to undo all of it….but as we know time never allows you to step back, once it has moved ahead.


  1. Love has the miraculous power to undo certain things. But lust will never have.

    1. so helps grow and lust kills it

  2. time never allows you to go back,you can only move forward. Loved this short story.

    1. thanks Nima for your feedback...keep reading!


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