Global Pandemic & Us

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We have all been in it for a long time now. When it all started, I didn’t know nor could imagine that something of such huge magnitude was going to raise it head in front of us. Its been more than 4 months that I ventured out. No, I am not complaining. I have a roof over my head, work for a very empathetic organization and have my family around me. We are all healthy, but the fear is real. What seemed like another new disease, has completely taken over our lives. We hear people around us giving up and just asking for prayers for their loved ones. We all know we are too small for all this and we may just be a number in the large game of statistics. I don’t know when the vaccine will arrive and how successful it will be. But what keeps the disease at bay is the statistic that are fed to us on regular intervals.


In March when this all started, it still felt distant. The numbers were rising and all I could predict was someone or other in our circle of acquaintance may get infected. But it still felt distant, cause we were still feeling safe. But as days passed, I started feeling the most proximate cause of Covid deaths was stupidity coupled with carelessness and not Corona itself. As its been quoted at many places, “Natural stupidity is a bigger threat than artificial intelligence to human existence”. We are seeing live examples of that every day. Government announces a lockdown to bring the incidents down, we flock in large numbers to hoard things. With so much at risk, for what are be stocking.  Had we been in a war and we could see and hear bullets being shot and bombs being blasted, would we still venture out. Would then being alive not be a priority over being fed. An invisible enemy is far more dangerous and the best strategy around it has to be precaution and prevention. Its still a fairly new disease, are still to learn  ore about it. We see WHO come out with new information every other day. We are still studying it while at the same time fighting it. And let me assure you the virus has till date been a winner when to comes to speed and disguise both.


Are best bet is to stay indoors and only step out if really really needed. Our health and life  now only depends on to things, precautions and preparations. Precautions to be prioritized over preparation.

Every time I avoid an infection to myself, I avoid a possible further transmission too. Lets learn to love and care for each other from a distance. Lets all be socially responsible citizens.

To conclude let me call put my mantra “Follow social distancing – be distanced but still social”


  1. Well very nicely presented.
    Have you noticed, we consume what is being marketed. Nobel coronavirus, is more powerful than it has been hyped, I opine. Viruses are an integral part of the ecosystem and their job is to co-exist and they shall remain even if we cease and they are omnipresent. How many people who are spending life in a panic even know that viruses can never be killed technically?


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