4 things LOCKDOWN made me realize

So we have all been in a lockdown for quite sometime now. We see people trying so many new things around us, some are cooking new things for their family and some are back to their hobbies. We have seen people find time to peek out of their windows to realize the sunsets can be beautiful from everywhere, we just need to have the calm within us. So like all people around I too did few things. And till the wave rides, let me also go down the memory lane of the past few months and list things that brought a smile to my face in this lockdown.

Cooking: This one is not a new for me, I have always found cooking to be relaxing and fun. So what was new for me this time? So usually I decide the menu and cook and let people eat and appreciate 😊. But the tables turned this time around. My daughter has her favorites and we used to have them on our Mall outings or order in. So basically things that you usually eat outside and never cook at home. For me that list includes, garlic bread, cake and few more bakery items. And with that started my cooking spree, or rather experimentation spree. Recipes started flowing from friends with kids, basically people riding in the same boat. Not all experiments very successful, but all end results were tasty and fun. The smile on her face, made it all worth. So this lockdown taught me how to make a cake, make garlic bread at home, pizza at home both thin crust and cheese burst. We also relished indo-chinese cuisine, man chow soup, gobhi 65 and the likes. And I learnt cooking is not only for survival, but also for keeping the soul nourished.

Virtual is the next reality: This one was a little difficult in the beginning, but at the same time very intriguing. It feels like the new normal. I agree it can’t replace the human need to socialize, but it came to our rescue. We were able to socialize responsibly, so basically we were distanced but still social. Human being are social animals, is the first behavioral aspect we learn about our species. So the lockdown was challenging us on the one most primitive traits. I feel slowly but steadily people are now understanding and valuing the difference virtual presence can make in our lives. However far we are from each other, we can still be connected. We can buys gifts for each other, a father can read bedtime stories and a mother can pass on the traditional cooking skills to her daughter and many more aspects.

Online fitness: This is a very new concept for me, imagine someone teaching you the age-old science of yoga through a virtual medium. Perfect union of the ancient and the modern. I was reluctant in the beginning, but this took me by surprise. I didn’t have to travel or walk to a fitness center. I could directly roll out of my bed into my Yoga mat and boom my online fitness journey started. It feels nice to not be awkward, as no one is ogling at you …you are in the comfort of your house. You have no distractions, and the you are actually able to outperform yourself. Now for the first time, you are your only competitor and only inspiration. I feel its online for me, I may never really opt for offline anytime soon even if I have the provision. I recommend everyone to explore instructor lead online fitness programs. I need a live instructor as I feel it aids to the accountability, but if you are really committed go for free online videos available in abundance.

  • TV to online content: This came out as a savior in the boredom of lockdown. Like many other industries, even Television came to a standstill as the work couldn’t really be done from home. That’s when the need for entertainment made me explore online content and I must say I was not let down. I did have to shell out some pennies for the subscriptions, but its worth it. Now I have entertainment waiting for me and not the other way round. I like the content better, its more mature, realistic and also explores unconventional areas. I am going to be a loyal viewer going forward. BTW, do recommend web series, that you think are worth the time investment.

This is my list, I am sure lockdown meant different things to different people. Give me a shout out if you and I are in the same boat. Also share what more do you think I need to learn. As self-imposed lockdown for me continues…


  1. So well written and I think everyone could relate to this in some way. This lockdown has shown us all the ups and downs. The phase where v got to explore a new Me or say hidden Me. I wish I could also write so beautifully πŸ˜€ Loved ur blog πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

  2. Wow Nidhi so beautifully written.


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