Whatsapp and more ways to say Good Morning!

WhatsApp is by far, undisputedly the most popular messaging app. And we Indians are addicted to it. There is enough statistics to prove the same. We collectively crashed WhatsApp on the new year eve with our Happy New Year messages. If that’s not all, we are in full preparation to do the same every morning. So let’s look at statistics that make us understand how popular the app is.
Credit: Statista
This chart tells us the steady growth of users for WhatsApp in India. It is a popular app, not only with young but also the old. For a remarkable part of users that buy an android app, the first app that they learn to use Is WhatsApp. It is addictive and helps you very easily connect with people and stay in touch. It has an amazing user experience and ease of use, apart from these there are many more lucrative reasons to make it so popular. Listing few of them:
Free of cost, no Adds and ease of use. It’s a cheap replacement of the traditional SMS, with so many additional features and personalization’s available. Although WhatsApp is the clear winner , we do have more options available. Some Asian based competing messaging apps would be:
WeChat (468 million active users)
Viber (209 million active users)
Line (170 million active users)
Credits: Google
We also have telegram, with more privacy. WhatsApp has more mainstream features and in general more popular. Creating groups and sharing tons of messages is very native to us Indians. That is where telegram that wins in that area, you can have a group of up to 5000 people, WhatsApp limits it to 250. So choose wisely, see how many people you want to wish good morning in one go!


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