She was sobbing inconsolably. I felt very helpless, I had been in this position many a times after fighting with Mohnish. The fights usually were not that big, and mostly revolved around his over possessive sister. So basically I always yearned for someone to just listen to me during times like this. I wanted to do the same for her, but we were in a crowded bus and I was at a distance from her. Also the seat next to her was already occupied.

Her face was covered by a scarf, but I could still sense the moistness in her eyes and my heart went for her. I decided to slowly make my way to her and wait till the seat next to her was vacated. I knew she could very well be the one to get down before the person next to her also. But I had nothing to lose, so I decided to try my luck. With every single stop that the bus made, I slowly shifted my way to her. Soon I was standing next to her, and to my utter shock in the next stop the person setting next to her stood up and left. I was quick to slip, before anyone else tried their luck.

So here I was sitting next to her. I took a sigh of relief and started thinking how to start the conversation. And there it struck me, I just patted on her shoulder and she turned to me.  And there began our conversation, “what’s wrong? I mean what happened?” she starred at me. I was quick to realize and probed further, “ Actually I need to get down at Chirag nagar, can you please me tell me when we reach there, I am new here.” She didn’t respond, just nodded and started staring outside the window. I was getting more restless and wanted to talk to her direct. So the uneasy person in me again patted her shoulder and started talking , without realizing if she was really interested. “Please stop sobbing, nothing can be so bad to make to you so sad for so long. Please don’t take me otherwise, I have also been in your position many times. People close to us sometimes unknowingly hurt us.” Before I could talk further she slowly uttered, “ it’s okay. I am fine.”

She was trying to cut conversation and I was trying to instigate. I thought giving an example from my life, may help her find some solace, if in case there was a similarity. So I thought, the biggest problem for most of us girls is our boyfriend and their weird behavior. So I started. “ See even I feel the same like you and sob a lot when Mohnish doesn’t talk to me often or doesn’t give me enough time and attention. But I have tried and found my ways with it. I have tired and found the main reason why he does that. I now know that it because he has to handle an over-possessive sister. I understand that he is in a tricky situation, I have told him many times to introduce her to me so that we can all be a gang. But he doesn’t listen to me and rather than spending time with me he stays with her just to keep her happy. When I very well understand that he yearns to be with me. He doesn’t say all of this, but I can feel what he feels.” I ended with a sigh of relief. I was quick to realize that I had rather vented out my anger than help her with her sadness. I stated again, “ Really sorry to bombard you with my vent, but what I really mean is stop crying and talk to me. You will feel the same relief as I have felt after I vented out my untold feelings to you just now.” All of a sudden she looked at me, she didn’t look sad any more, she smiled at me and said, “ Hello, I am Bansuri. Thanks for talking to me. I like the idea of being a gang.” Before she could complete if started again, “See even you like it, but who will make Mohnish understand. I am sure her sister will like me. What do you think?” She replied, “For sure, you are such a sweet girl! I can help you.” I was a little confused by now. She stood up, “I have to get down, my destination has come. I will talk to Mohnish don’t worry, he never says yes to anything that I ask him for. And I am not over-possessive, just a spoilt sister.”


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I was dumbstruck, actually better words would be DEAD! She got down and I started sweating profusely, what have I done. I sunk in my seat. I didn’t have courage to call and tell Mohnish about this. Is was still in shock, when my phone started ringing. I knew it would be Mohnish and we were done. I was so scared to even look at the phone. I slowly slid my hand into the bag and took the phone out. It was an unknown number, I felt alive again and answered the call, “Hello.” “Hi, please don’t worry too much. I saw you go pale when I got down.” I didn’t know what to answer. She had my number, I am sure she took it from Mohnish. So that means she has already told Mohnish all about our conversation. My string of thoughts were cut, by her voice, “Don’t worry! I have not told anything to Mohnish and never will. Let’s just be a Gang forever. What say, Bhabhi ?


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