what's next.......2018?

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It’s a New year already and we have now officially entered 2018. We have had our parties, hangover is about to die and reality has set in. We are done sending the same new year messages to everyone in circles and receiving the same from everybody. We don’t bother to call and wish but make sure we share one of those forwards. Everything is generic ,still made to look like its explicitly intended for the person who receiving it. We now wish our families on FB, Twitter and Instagram and the ones who are most technologically challenged receive our wishes on WhatsApp J . So there is no surprise, we Indian’s proudly and collectively crashed WhatsApp on 31st eve.  

Post all this once reality kicks in , the question that we are left with is “what's next.......2018?” so it’s a new year , what new does it bring along, of course apart from the calendar.
So let’s quickly (like always)  list what I think in it is for me:

Better health : So this has always been on my list, nonetheless it still exists. Optimistically by the mid or end of this year I will have few testimonials of before and after to certify my steps taken towards better health and wellbeing. I wish to bring consistency in my workouts and lifestyle changes. With my experience I have learnt slow is better and lasting then fast. Faster has not worked for me for years and by now I think I am old and wise enough to learn from self-experience if not by the mistakes other made. So I hope 2018 makes me feel 20 and look 18. I don’t mind looking 20 and feeling 18 alsoJ  . But let’s wait and see what’s in store for me in 2018.


More travel : I think what we cannot buy is memories, but we can for sure use our money to make memories. Let’s plan less and travel more. We plan for months for a week long travel. I plan to explore history near Pune and  find small getaways rather than have long holidays planned for a long time and which we never embark on. I plan to have more relaxing holidays then visit places with an endless itinerary. I would explore rather than just visit. Want more peace and silence in exchange of noise and chaos.


More writing : This is one of things that I  like and treasure. I have in the past year not given it the time and attention it deserves. So I plan to write more often and sharpen this skill. I eventually want to write a book and get it published. That’s still a dream, but then one step at a time can help me surely reach there. Again I would want to be slow and consistent. Also I am still at a very nascent stage when it comes to writing, I don’t even know if that book will a fiction, self-help or something else. I need to find my foothold and understand my inclination before I embark on that journey.


Medicine : Although I have time and again put it across that I am a registered and proud practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine. I have for past several years not been active on that front. I have spent years in self-doubt, as I have moved my career towards IT. But then I understand that having a degree from a reputed medical school, calls for helping people with ailments. Not really for monetary benefits but, for sure satisfaction. So you will see me writing more on these topics. I want to at least host one free Nadi Parikshan camp and at least 4 information sharing sessions this year. I want to spread awareness that disease is nothing but our ignorance and small steps towards ancient science of life can shower us with multiple health and wellbeing benefits.


This is my list, wish me luck to achieve these. Do share what’s next for you in 2018?  Let’s see if some of them are common and can be gelled to help each other.


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