Those 10 days... Chapter !!

Mayank got up early, it was his first day in college. He was excited but also nervous because out of his complete gang he was the only one who was joining that college. So he was feeling left out. He new that meant he had a chance to make new friends. But he was not the kind to go out make friends very easily. It took a lot for him to open up. He got ready and was about to leave when his brother called him and asked if he could drop him. Mayank told why not he rather gave him the keys. He got the expected reply in negative. He moved on. He had been for a while asking his brother for a bike in fact his own bike and he was always given the same reply and most of the time it was in negative or the demand was just ignored. He moved slowly towards the bus stop. He took the bus and reached college. It was a crowded place with many teenagers. All dressed in their very best today being the first day of college. He slowly went to the notice board to find where was in lecture hall. It was all listed in the notice board. It was difficult because of the crowd but then he managed to find it, It was on the fourth floor of the college building. With no lift he was already angry at the college authorities. Cause he knew he would have to everyday in morning climb those fleet of stairs which was absolutely annoying for him.

He gathered some courage and moved on. Slowly huffing and puffing he reached his lecture hall. He was in mood of sharing any kind of pleasantries with his new batch mates. He just sat in the fourth or fifth bench in the corner row and tried to bring back his heartbeat to normal. In the meanwhile his lecturer arrived. He was a tall fat guy. With bushy moustache. He entered and everybody rose to welcome him into the hall. Mayank had still hadn’t looked around to find a familiar face. The lecturer entered and started with welcoming everybody into the new college and explained to them their next three years in the college and how it would shape their careers. Then he proceeded to the students and told them to one by one stand introduce themselves and state what was their ambition in life. Everybody started standing one by one and sharing their names, and ambitions. Mayank never really liked exercise like this. He didn’t pay attention to the first few. Then he thought he better pay attention probably he could steal someone’s really interesting ambition and present it as his, cause he was not able to think of one right now. So he started looking at every face that stood and up and was speaking. It wen ton for quite sometime and reached to the benches where girls were sitting. It continued girls were all giggling at each other and Mayank didn’t like this silly laughter.

Suddenly out of the blue he saw a familiar face…it was her…it was Siya. He couldn’t believe his eyes…he rubbed them pinched himself and tried all sort of simulating tactics to confirm he was not dreaming. But no its was her right in front of him. This was height of coincidence. Same college! Same stream!! Even same subjects!!!....he suddenly started having all the interest in college that was required. He so wanted her to get tell her name and speak till eternity. He diligently started waiting for Siya’s turn to arrive. All voice were suddenly blurred to him, he had all his attention at Siya and was waiting for her turn to arrive. Some loud noise startled him. He was annoyed, soon people started getting and u and moving and Siya was lost in the sea of faces. He was so angry at the wrong timing for the bell to ring for the end of the lecture. He though how would he ever find her name now. But then he thought to himself, hopefully every lecturer for the first time will do this same exercise and he would get to know her name. But time and again for almost all lectures the lecture would end before reaching her. But then he was determined to know her name and this was the perfect opportunity. After 3 unsuccessful lectures he thought to himself,  “I have to do something!”.

The fourth lecture started, the lecturer arrived and told the students to start the same exercise again. Before the first guy form the opposite end could start, Mayank got up and started, “Mam for last four lectures we are starting form that end and we almost always end half way. So the class now knows half of the students very well by now. Lets this time start from this end  and have a chance to know the rest of us also.” Everyone started laughing and the half who had already introduced themselves thrice breathe a sign of relief. Although Mayank looked very confident and comfortable saying this he was dead nervous inside. He had never in his life stood up and spoken to so many people at a time and put up his view. He was sweating but did this for the sole purpose of knowing her name. the exercise started again from the opposite corner and slowly started progressing his turn cam he tired to give as impressive an introduction as possible. Now he waiting for Siya. Finally the time cam she stood up and started talking….Mayank slipped into a dream but quickly returned to reality as he didn’t want to miss her name. she started, “Hi all , ambition in life is to become someone who is remembered long after I am gone. SO I think the best way to leave myself among people even after I am gone Is through books. I am a no one today so no will write about me. So my solution to this problem is to become a writer myself. Hope someday I can write something that people choose to read.” And she was about to sit when Mayank interrupted, “but how do we know which books to buy, at least we should know the name of the author.” Siya stood up again looked at Mayank and uttered, “ the  books will be authored by Siya Mehta.” Mayank’s heart almost skipped a beat. This was it he finally had a her name. This was his sole ambition as of today and he had achieved it. Was for now his life was successful.

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