Love it was...PARTII


“I don’t want to have a dialogue with you, just hand me my phone”, replied Riya.

She was shivering with fright yet was standing strong. She knew she was right at the face of a big danger here, but all she wanted was to know where Anant was.

All four men stood up, and started looking at each other. They did not answer, just kept looking at each other. As if they were looking for an answer. One of them walked towards Riya and started talking.

“ Madam, we don’t want to hurt you”

Riya interrupted him, “Don’t come near me. I have already told you, just give me my phone”.

 He continued, “ We don’t know who are you, nor do we know who is this Anant.”

Riya Screamed, “ don’t utter a word, exactly! you don’t know who is Anant. That’s why you have had the courage to get me here. You are in deep trouble mister, very soon Anant will find us”. 

“We know he will find us that’s precisely the reason why we have been running from him. You have to calm down a bit and understand what we are trying to tell you. If we wanted to hurt you we wouldn’t have saved you. We have been ferrying you for last 3 days. You have no clue what has happened in last 3 days, how many kilometers we have travelled.” 

Riya broke down, she suddenly felt dizzy. It was too much for her to understand and make sense out of. She tried to recollect the last thing she could remember, it was the message from Anant. She so wanted to give him a miss call and return back to her life. But it all felt like a distant dream right now. She somehow saw pity in the eyes of the men. She was no longer scarred. She knew she was at the darkest place right now and nothing more dark could happen. She sat down and started crying. Her cries were loud enough to break the silence of the night. She asked them, “Please tell me where I am , where is Anant? If you are trying to save me , why don’t you pick-up the call and tell Anant where we are. He will come and fetch me. Why do have to carry me around?”

One of them came forward, held her hand and started speaking, “ Who is this Anant?”

She looked him the eye and replied, “ He is my life, my world, my husband. What more do you want to know about him?”

He was looking a little surprised, he looked at the rest of the three men and gestured his eyebrow’s asking what to do next. He continued, “ Beta this will take courage, please try to understand what we are trying to tell you.”

 “We don’t know why he is trying to do this? Where do your parents stay?”

“I am an orphan , and my whole world is nothing but Anant. Who is trying to do what? Who are you talking about?” Riya

“Anant…Its Anant”

 What he told next shook Riya up completely…. 

PART III coming soon…..Last part

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  1. Anant hired guys to kill his wife

    1. then why didnt the hired goons kill her...but why kill her...motive???

  2. Replies
    1. onl two options for you...either guess or wait!

  3. Sonaaaaaaaaaaaaa...grrrrrrrrr.... u said its a 2 part suspense story... now part 3!!!.. u better publish it fast!

    1. Omg....i scared now......publish karti hu jaldi

  4. Waiting fr next part.... Kindly publish asap

  5. she will be dreaming all these things while going car!!

  6. she will be dreaming all these things while going car!!

  7. Where is the link for the final part??


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