Those 10 days... Chapter V

Siya was at the bus stop on time like every other morning, she kept looking for Mayank. But Mayank was no where to be seen. Finally the bus arrived, Siya boarded the bus and left. Siya kept looking outside the window. It was drizzling and the every now and then some light droplets of water would fall on her face. She loved this gentle feeling and would not wipe them away. Soon she forgot all about Mayank and was just thinking of the rains and the clouds. She loved the month of June, it always brought a sense of new beginning to her. All through her student life it meant new school uniform, new books, fresh smell of paper from new books. She would read the stories in her language text books and enjoy them so much. She basically liked reading, she liked the crisp pages, she would never even put a mark with pen on her text books. Only pencil was allowed there, she wanted them to be as new even a year after. She would carefully use them the whole year and pass them on to her sister. She would miss her math problems in her vacation, she would look forward to new equations and problems. As she was thinking of all this she didn’t realize the distance and felt she reached college in no time.

Mayank on the other hand was in a crisis currently. Had this happened just 24 hrs back it could have been the best time of his life. He was gifted a bike by his brother. It was “THE PERFECT BIKE”, but he was still sad. He told his brother how he thinks the roads are not safe and he would prefer travelling by bus, also it would be economical. Both his brother and mother were not amused and just kept looking at him and each other. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing. All in all Mayank now didn’t want to have the bike. He wanted to travel by bus with Siya, that was the only time when he could talk to her. He finally rested his case by saying that since it was monsoon, he would start using the bike when winters start. Bike not being a safe and secure mode of transport in monsoons. People back at home though still in shock were a bit convinced with this excuse and let him go. He reached college late. He was sad he had missed travelling with Siya this morning. There was no excitement or happiness for the bike. He entered the lecture hall to find it empty, he realized it was already time for the practical’s that were to start this week. He went to the notice board to check in which batch he would be for practical’s and as soon as he realized that he and Siya were in different batches he knew this day was ruined for him. He proceeded to the practical lab. He entered but didn’t even find Sundeep in there. He somehow killed time through the practical. He came out and went back to the notice board. He was so angry with what he saw on the notice board, Sundeep was in Siya’s batch. He consoled himself, thinking why would Siya speak to Sundeep and even if she does what will change. While he was still arguing with himself in his head. He was Sundeep standing and speaking to a girl. He wished it was not Siya, the day was bad enough for him to handle. He called out to him, “Sundeep!”. Before Sundeep could turn the girl turned and start talking, “Where were you since morning?” It was Siya. Mayank was dumbfounded. Sundeep, “Please answer her where were you, she was asking me the same question” Sundeep sarcastically, “ I never knew you both travelled together”. Mayank didn’t have answer to anything he just smiled.

All three proceeded together, Mayank didn’t liked  to have sundeep with hem. But then having Sundeep around facilitated the communication better. Sundeep, “I am off to canteen, wanna join?” Siya, “No, I have some work at the near by stationary shop so I have to go there”. Sundeep, “ Mayank even you had to buy something from there right?”. Mayank was at loss of words, before he could process the whole information and utter a word Siya commanded him, “ Mayank lets go together”. Sundeep winked at Mayank and left for the canteen. Siya and Mayank proceeded to the shop. Mayank kept thinking to himself exactly what would he buy? They reached the shop. Siya brought out her list and handed it over to the shopkeeper and turned to Mayank, “Tell him what you want.” Mayank still thinking, Shopkeeper, “ Fast I cant wait the whole day for you.” Mayank, “Pen, I need pen”. Shopkeeper, “Which Pen?” Mayank, “ Any”. Shopkeeper, “ We don’t have any pen, please be specific” Mayank, “Marker, give me red coloured marker”. Siya, “Why Marker” Mayank, “ I like to mark important notes with a marker”. Siya, “ Is not a highlighter used for that?” Shopkeeper, “ Here have your highlighter.” Mayank, “ How much?”.  Shopkeeper, “ 25 rs”.  Siya, “Bhaiya can I now have my stuff”. Shopkeeper, “ All of it is still out of stock, come and check after two days”. Mayank was furious at the shopkeeper. He had purposely sold him the highlighter, he could have on the first place told Siya that her stuff was not available. Mayank could have told Siya lets leave we can both again come together after 2 days to buy our stuff together. That way he could again get some time with Siya plus is 25 rs could have been saved. Nevertheless he thought to himself 25 rs was a small amount to pay for getting to spend time with Siya. They both were walking back to college when Siya told Mayank, “ I am going to Library, you want to join?” Mayank and nothing to think here, he had a ready answer, “ Yes!”
They both proceeded to the Library. Mayank wanted to talk so much but because they were in a library, they were silent. Siya finished her reading and they both left together. With a bad start this was the perfect day for Mayank.
He so liked to silently look at Siya, while she was immersed in the book she was reading. It was day lived to the fullest….

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  1. Ur writing z evolving day by day... keep it up

    1. Thanx for the kind words dear....hope u keep reading


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