Should a woman change her maiden surname after marriage?

After reading this question the first thing that came to my mind was “No”. Then I read the question again and tried to understand it better. The question is not for me, its about women in general, I guess then the answer will be “let her decide” , and I would not want to decide for her. As a women I feel, we feel that we leave too many things behind when we get married and move to a new family, new house new room etc. So why so much fuss about the surname. When we can leave behind so many things and embrace the change then why not the surname. The problem here is not the change but the reason for change. I would never do anything because someone wants me to do it. Changing something so personal to me  because someone else wants me to do it, is pure rubbish to me.
I feel reason behind a change is more important to me than the change in itself. Although change is the only permanent thing in life, and we should never say never to anything, I still  feel changes that are triggered by societal pressure and unwanted reforms are a strict no-no for me. I might well change my surname tomorrow, but only if I want to do it on my own will and not because of some XYZ reason.
So just rejoice with whatever surname you choose to use. Your surname has to me more of you….your choice and your pride!


  1. May every woman have the power to decide.

    1. I wish too, but i guess things like these should not be requiring power....but freedom

  2. Replies
    1. Yes freedom to choose and not having to give a reason for your choice is the correct way to go

  3. I haven't changed my passport yet, because it costs money and time! Otherwise, I am officially married and use my married name everywhere! For me, it's all about being practical and not emotional.


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