The unsent letter

She no more loved him, she would even sometimes thinks if she ever loved him. He was just a symbol of her win over others. He was the result of a silent desire to have all she wanted. The first time Neetu saw Shekhar she adored him, she felt he was perfect in every which way. But according to her no one was superior than herself. And then in her mind started this countdown. She had always had this countdown when it came to getting that guy to fall for her. So it was like a game for her. She never did this just for the sake of it. But sooner or later she had a new crush and so the last one had to end. And now it was time for story with Shekhar to end. She tried everything but this time she was in a fix. Shekhar was the sweetest guy she had encountered till this day. And so all the more she wanted it to end. She knew it wont last as she was not in it with her mind and soul. It was only her brain playing games not only with Shekhar but also with her.

She decided it had to end, but she couldn’t muster the courage to tell this on his face. So she decided to write him a letter. She wrote all she could in the letter. The letter was one with disconnected feelings. The words and sentence didn’t connect to each other. She finished it. Kept it under her pillow. She was about to leave the room when her phone rang, it was Shekhar.

Neetu, “Hi”

Shekhar, “ What I am going to tell you next will make you dance in joy”

Neetu was not interested in knowing what he wanted to say, and she knew she would not be able to retaliate to him in the way he was expecting. She so wanted this to end. She just wanted to be able to spend more time with Rishi. And this time she knew it was for keeps. So she didn’t want to waste Shekhar’s time. But right now she didn’t have much choice.

Shekhar, “ I had a discussion with mom about us”

Neetu was  annoyed, she suddenly burst out interrupting in between, “ You have no job, why in this world would you want to have such discussions with your mom?”

She didn’t want things to escalate to their parents. Their families had know each other for long.

Shekar sounded a little upset but continued, “ I know I have done it a bit quick. But let me tell mom is thrilled. She said I have made a wise decision”

Neetu was not liking it. She somehow continued with the conversation and soon hung up. She was feeling sorry for Shekar but her heart longed for Rishi. She knew she had to hurry up.

It was a friend’s birthday party. It was a friend common to all the three that is Rishi, Neetu and Shekhar. None of the friends except Rishi knew about Shekhar and  Neetu. Neetu had herself told her when she first came to know about Rishi’s feeling for her. They both knew they were being selfish, but it was still happening. Rishi and Neetu avoided being togather in front of others. All three were busy with friends when Neetu suddenly noticed her phone in Shekhar’s hand. She could see he was reading something. She was terrified beyond her biggest fear. She knew her phone was flooded with messages from Rishi. She looked at Rishi gestured him to see what Shekhar was doing. Rishi rushed to be by Neetu’s side. He asked her in a hushed voice, “I had told you to talk to him, it got delayed because you wanted to write a letter instead” Neetu still had that #unsent letter in her clutch. She looked at Shekhar and made sure no one noticed his red hot face. She could feel the burning rage in him. She didn’t want him to find out this way. She decided to face it head on, she started walking towards Shekhar. Rishi held her shoulder to stop her she resisted and moved towards Shekher. Shekhar looked at her with red blood shot eyes brimming with tears.

Neetu was sweating . She held him by hand and said, “want to come for a stroll down stairs” Shekhar looked at her and felt her grip and the tears somehow consumed Shekhar. He started walking and soon both of them were down. Shekhar looked at Neetu and started talking, “Rishi is good. But why did you do this to me? I love you too much to hold you back. But still why did you do this to me? I have a hundred questions for you, but  I know answers will change nothing. Once again I m letting you go only because I love you to much to hold you back. I am not weak to not try to win you back. But I think you don’t deserve my try. So just leave. Also just be happy and I wish you never to be in my shoes.” And Shekhar walked away. Neetu was left with an #unsent letter, unspent words and a flood of tears held back.


  1. The story is very similar to what happened to one of my friend. Emotional pain n broken trust are something that are very hard to move on from...
    Would like a part 2 of this story as well... Something that says what happened to Neetu..was there closure..??

  2. there is no part 2 dear, somethings are better left unsaid...


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