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This is the first prayer we learn, when we start school education in India. It’s a small 2 verse sholk, with a lot of meaning. let’s begin with understanding the meaning of Guru, before we embark further. The word Guru originates from the two Sanskrit words "Gu" and "Ru". "Gu" means darkness and "Ru" means dispersal. So, it literally means someone who takes you from darkness to light. The light we are talking here is more of an awakening that Guru brings with education. In Indian culture we give teacher the stature of god and beyond.  

Let’s now divulge into the meaning of this sholk. In this verse, we are mentioning three important deities of Hindu mythology. The Brahma - Origin, Vishnu - Sustenance and Mahesh - Destroyer. So here we are comparing a teacher to all three. What does it imply, the teacher helps create curiosity, learning ability and thought process of a child. The teacher then goes on to help them retain and add multiple dimension to a disciple’s learning to help him grow and move beyond. While doing all this the constant that a teacher brings into our lives is the ability to dispel and abolish malpractices and inhumanities. They help us walk the narrow, but strict path to self-discipline and righteousness. 

Now we move to one more highly impressionable Indian mystic and poet - Kabir Das. He spread his teaching in easy to remember poetic verses called "Doha". Doha is a very old "verse-format" of Indian poetry. These are independent verses, a couplet, with complete meaning. 

"Guru Govind dou khade, kaake laagoon paye
Balihari guru aapne, Govind diyo milaye." 

In this Doha, Kabir says what would one do if they after all penance and salvation get to see god in his purest form alongside the guru. Kabir here raises a very poignant question, "who would you bow down to first?" He then goes on to preach, that one should give a higher place to his guru and first bow down to guru. As it is only because of the teachings and persistent of the guru that you today realize and recognize God. Guru lead you here and so deserves a higher place and respect in your heart and soul. 

In pics - Teacher & students of Magarpatta city Public School, Gurleen and her Students, Teacher & students of CnS music academy, Sonali & her students

These are just few examples from Indian history and culture, that help us understand the importance of having a guru in life. Guru can take various forms. Respect and bow down to anyone who teaches you a lesson. For life is nothing but a journey to learn and grow. Let’s all today remember one teacher, who taught us the best lessons in life and thank them from our heart. 

Friends do comment and name your loving teachers and one life lesson you learnt from them in comment box!



  1. Shri Surendra Kumar Mishra who taught me to always remain a true learner as well as to have belief in myself

    1. wow, such wonderful lessons. i am sure these help you everyday in your life. being a learner all your life, is the best way to lead our lives.


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