She Believed, She Could, So She Did - Dr. Amruta Ramdin

Dr. Amruta Ramdin
It is said "Pampered kids become weak adults", I am sure they haven't met Dr. Amruta Ramdin. A very determined and levelheaded person. Raised in a middle-class household in the town of Nanded, she had many hobbies. She had always been creatively inclined, since childhood. She used to sketch and paint well. She also being both artistic and disciplined, was very keen on learning the classical dance form of Bharatnatyam. She would put on music and dance her heart out behind closed doors. She did her own choreography and studies were still her first focus.

She eventually completed her graduation in medicine for Homeopathy from Aurangabad and went on to have her own Clinic in Nanded. She enjoyed a very successful stint with her medicine practice. Wedding followed by a change of location brought her to Pune. She started with working in hospitals as resident medical officer (RMO) in Pune. Soon, she completed her course in clinical research and began her corporate journey with Syntel (healthcare sector). She was getting a hang of the Corporate sector, but life had her better plans for her. She was soon blessed with a baby boy and her life and priorities changed. She decided to be with her Son, as she felt kids need home, and it’s the woman the house that makes it a home! Keep her ambitions aside for her family is so commendable. Let’s hear about her further journey from Amruta herself.

1. What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture? 

I am Dr. Amruta Ramdin, a licensed international Zumba instructor and a nutritionist with a PG Diploma in nutrition and dietetics. I take group Zumba sessions and provide diet counselling.

2. How did you get your idea or concept?

It’s a long story, I have always believed women have the power to turn a house into a home. Without women, home will be empty!!When my MIL suffered from Kidney ailment, I have seen the home collapse. It’s not just the lady, but the whole household gets sick. This made my resolve even firm to be around my kids. Also, I understood the importance of health. A mother can take after the whole family, but the whole family cannot take care of each other when the mother falls sick. I feel healthy habits start with women of the women. I always wanted to be a Bharatnatyam dancer, and then Zumba happened. It brought my two passions together, Dance and Health!

3.What do the day-to-day responsibilities of the role look like? 

My most important priority are my kids; I plan my schedule around them. I have a lot of support from my husband, I use him as my substitute around kids and manage to get few hours early morning and late evening for my passion - Zumba!

4. What are some of the mistakes you wish you could have avoided? 

There is a quote- U learn from your mistakes. I am introvert person by nature, I don't open up easily. When, I dint get opportunity to take classes, it made me really insecure. And when i did get a chance, i doubted my abilities and felt it was just a  favor on me. initially. I did work on my confidence and have changed myself. I today have immense trust on myself and only listen to my heart and mind.

5. Are you happy and what would you change? 

YES, totally. Zumba makes be both happy and healthy. Also, the sense of being helpful to other, in their fitness journey make me very content. I am lucky my passion is also my ultimate stressbuster.

6. A quote you stand by 

Health is wealth! And without mother the home is heartless.

Wow, what a journey! Such a great amalgamation of responsibility yet independence. Selflessness, yet steady self-growth. Amruta's story teaches us "Evolution". Every change in plan is an opportunity to reassess and restart. Restart with a new fervor, with learning from every experience. Ride the wave of change and score ahead in life!

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  1. @ Nidhi, yet again a well extracted blog, so true to heart. @ Amruta. Wow. Such a strong woman u r Amruta. True powers n strength to standout for urself. Keep going.

    1. Thank you so much, Thanks nidhi nidhi for bringing me on this platform, and I wish you will publish book soon


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