DISHWASHER - My best buy this pandemic


Friends like all of you the lock down didn't only bring me anxiety of Corona but also of not having a maid. I have a new found respect and empathy for them. I am empathetic, cause I have lived life in some sense literally in their shoes. All during the lock down I wondered, how do these women work for so many households. It felt like a very laborious job, with comparatively low pay and no job security. However, during the pandemic how much ever I wanted, I could not have my maid back. I had all household chores, kid, cooking and office to manage. With this started my search to find ways to simplify these daily chores with assistive machines. The first that came to my mind was "Dishwasher".

I was determined to buy one, but later realized it's not just me....a lot many people felt the need and took a decision. Thereby the stocks running out. However with a lots of prayers and patience we continued to search and finally on the fateful day of 4th August I could order mine via Amazon. It was a quick 2 day delivery, thanks to Amazon prime.
Then started my wait to have it installed, it was a long 3 week wait. Lots of frantic call to Bosch call center, few threats and escalation it was finally installed. And believe me my life changed that day. Spic and span now was now a new definition and experience. It's still too less if a time to understand power consumption and other consumables that go along. But I would say, it saves me tons of time and effort and i am already feeling that it's worth it.

Let me now list 3 things that I feel make it a good buy.

1.Cleanliness and hygiene : Crockery sparkles. No tension of things breaking or turmeric stains not going away. Grease is not friends with a dishwasher, dishwasher tackles it left right and center.

2. Time saving : It saves me so much time. My utensils directly go to their racks once out of the dishwasher. Cause they come out nice and dry. In monsoons, this drying things does get a little unnerving and then the water stains stay back. Nothing of that sort with the dishwasher.

3. Effortless : The whole process is so effortless, my 7 year old daughter can manage it own her on. I can do it on the go, basically I keep arranging things as they get soiled. Nothing goes to sink, all directly to the dishwasher. So by the time I finish my cooking and eating it already loaded and ready to go.

                                                  Pic courtesy - google
I think enough of emotions, let me know talk about the features that a dishwasher offers and few recommendations from my side.

1. Dishwasher with 12 plates is enough for a family of four daily utensils.but what do we mean by 12 plates, it means it can occupy and properly clean all utensils that come in 12 plates dinner set.
2. Before buying, i did my research about what all can be washed in a dishwasher. And with my experience, i have been to wash all types of utensils. i have not tried Aluminium, as i don't have any.
3. It makes little to no noise, requires space equal to less than a front load washing machine.
4. It requires Salt, Rinse aid and detergent. Easily available online on amazon.

I think these are the things that i can think at the top of my head. Do post queries and i will be happy to answer.


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