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Prerna Banga

There are very few people, who stand so true by their name. Prerna is one of them, she does possess an endearing and inspirational personality. Talk to her once, and she charms you big time. She is a very soft-spoken and calm person. She has the mischievous ring to her demeanor, truly a sweetheart. I feel so good to bring her up in our series. She is a B.E by qualification and in the initial years after her education worked as a Technical writer. She enjoyed what she did then and loves what she is doing now. Her passion for helping people, is the bigger motive that she is trying to achieve today. Lets now hear from her about the journey she is on.

 1. What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture? ...

I live each day of mine as a tribute to Yoga and its marvels. My journey of self-realization started with Yoga, and the immense knowledge I gain with every experience is my profit. Yoga is much more to me, than just a physical exercise form. It’s the ancient science that our lineage brings us. Its our legacy and the best tool to achieve mind-body connection. This experience is my service as well as product for all 😊. I offer customized nutrition plan and group Yoga sessions online and offline under the brand name "Yogkaksha" and "Sayyam"

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2. How did you get your idea or concept? ...

I have been into fitness all my life, be it walks, aerobics, dance etc. Yoga has always been more like a healing practice for any ailments (e.g. Migraine). Initially, I found it to be physically challenging yet very calming. This is a unique experience, that only Yoga can offer. Since then, there has been no looking back. While I will always consider myself a disciple, I still felt the constant need and urge to dissipate the little knowledge or rather experience I had acquired. Along the way, I felt the need to also understand nutrition and how food nourish your body.

3.What do the day-to-day responsibilities of the role look like? ...

Since I conduct Yoga Sessions so day-to-day responsibility is to make my participants understand the power of their mind and body with the help of Yoga asanas. I must follow a strict time bound schedule to make sure I am able to maintain work-life balance. Yoga helps achieve that discipline for me. I won’t lie, I do struggle sometimes, but at the end of the day it all worth it.

4. What are some of the mistakes you wish you could have avoided? ...

I don’t believe we ever stop making mistakes. Mistakes are in fact learning opportunity that life presents us with. Mistakes start becoming a hurdle, when we stop learning from them.

5. Are you happy and what would you change? ...

I am super happy and content. I am proud of the decisions I made, and I feel I am completely myself now …. I am Prerna 😊

6. A quote you stand by ...

One life so live it THOUGHTFULLY….

Wow, such an experience talking to her, its been a great pleasure having known her. Talk to her once and you are sure to be smiling all through the conversation. Positivity is a virtue she holds very close to her. She has a lot of evidence to help you gain the confidence in spiritual and holistic healing. Be sure to join her for a session, to know and experience the mind- body connect.

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  1. Nidhi, I am so glad to be presented on your blog. I am truly grateful 😇💓🤗

  2. One of the best yoga instructors. Thank you, Prerna for all you do!

  3. One of the best yoga instructors. Thank you, Prerna for all you do and for spreading the joy of yoga. Cheers!

  4. Prerna is my best friend and Nidhi is my elder sister..... what more I need :)
    You both are wonderful.

  5. Tday wr i am is just bcoz of her thnx prerna didi

  6. One of the best yoga guru I met ; just in a month I lost 3 kg . When you do yoga with Prerna u doesn’t feel you doing yoga but in no time u will be sweating from the body .the explanation given by Prerna is very simple to understand. I must say that iam lucky to have my yoga guru .Best of luck ������

  7. Doing yoga with Prerna allows you to break your barriers, in body and mind. She truly is an inspiration, a great friend and an amazing human being!


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