Ghee - An Ayurvedic super food

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I recently ran a poll, asking what did people prefer "Butter" or "Ghee". We had people tilting on both sides, but "Ghee" won with a huge majority. So, with a vast majority, choosing the "Ayurvedic superfood", I guess it’s time to decipher it better. Ghee is nothing but clarified butter. It has slightly higher concentration of fat than Butter and more calories. One tablespoon of Ghee has about 120 calories, whereas one tablespoon of Butter has about 102 calories. 

Let’s dig a bit deeper and understand its significance from an Ayurvedic point of view. Ayurveda is the ancient science of life; its principles are embedded in Indian tradition and culture. Ayurveda has for centuries recognized Ghee to be the best quality fat. Western world is now catching up to this trend. In Ayurveda, Ghee has been considered a rasayana, which means a healing food that balances both body, mind and enhances ojas, or "life energy”. While ghee is still technically considered a dairy product, it is the one dairy product that many with lactose-intolerance or other sensitivities (like casein) can and do eat!

Ghee promotes longevity, due to its opposite virtues (heavy, slow, oily, liquid, dense, soft), and thus pacifying effects, to the light, dry and rough qualities of Vata dosha. Thereby lowering Vata dosha and in a sure and steady way slows aging. Since Ghee balance Pitta dosha well, as per the body circadian rhythm afternoon is the time when Pitta aggravates. Hence, Ghee served with lunch is best. It will help you achieve maximum benefits. Ghee is also considered yogvahi, hence used in many medicines in Ayurveda. 

Ghee symbolizes origin, spirituality, healing and abundance in its purest and most authentic form. Next time when you sit for lunch, don’t forget to add a spoonful of pure Ghee to your meal...and stay happy and satiated for long!

Let me know what should be covered next in comments - (1) How to make Ghee at home or (2) Everyday medicinal uses of Ghee


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