Those 10 days... Chapter V!

It was morning, Mayank was up and ready way before time. He was his usual self. The thing which he thought was an impossible dream was happening. He felt he was both the luckiest and dumbest  person alive. Lucky because he finally had Siya as his friend and dumb because he thought it was the impossible, in fact it was so easy. Things just happened even before he could realize, It felt as if Siya had also waited to talk to him and made best of the first opportunity. Seeing him ready so early everyone in the family was in a state of both shock and delight. There lazy boy was growing up to be responsible young man. Mayank had his breakfast and was in the bus stop well ahead in time. In fact he was so early that he had to leave a bus to be with Siya. He was waiting for Siya looking at the long road. He would every once in a while glance at his watch. This exercise quickly reminded him of the Theory of relativity. He went back to the day he had first seen Siya. He lifted his gaze from the watch and found Siya walking towards him. She was wearing the perfect pink. She looked so angelic to him.

Siya,”Hi!” Mayank, “ hi, so how are you today?” Siya, “I am fine. Was feeling really bored to go to college.” Mayank, “Ya me too.” After saying this statement he thought to himself. ”I would not miss college for anything in this world, how else could I meet Siya.” Mayank,” I don’t have many friends in college, so even I don’t like it much.” Siya, “Why did none of your existing friends join the same college?” Mayank, “No, we are in different colleges..what can I say hardluck” Mayank,”I miss them a lot, but now I have new friends.” Siya,”Yes  good, even I need to make new friends.” Mayank felt a little confused, did she not count him as her friend. But then nipped these thoughts right at the bud, he didn’t want to have any negative thoughts. Bus arrived and both of them boarded the bus. They spoke all the way to college. As they were entering college, Mayank felt as if the whole college was staring at him. He was feeling very self conscious and nervous. He suddenly cared what other students would think. But he didn’t show his nervousness to Siya. They walked together to the lecture hall on the fourth floor. All through this Mayank was quiet and Siya kept talking even climbing the stairs didn’t deter her spirit and she kept talking. Mayank was keen on following her words but after a certain time it all sounded like an echo. He was in so much pressure and was feeling insecure about being seen with Siya that he just faded away and felt the whole crowd looking and finger pointing at him. As soon they entered the lecture hall, he bid Siya bye abruptly and went and sat with Sundeep. Siya found it awkward and it was soon out of her head.
Sundeep, “ Sahi bhai, naya college, nayi dost, naye travel mates….Sahi hai!” Mayank, “What are you talking about?” Sundeep, “Bade Miya I am talking about Siya!” Mayank, “Please stop it yaar, its just a coincidence that I met her at the bus stop. Nothing more than that” Sundeep teasingly, “Pehli pehli baar baliye…dil gaya haar baliye…rabba mujhe pyaar ho gaya…..Dil ka karaar kho gaya!” Mayank angrily, “Stop it yaar, she came and spoke to me. What do I have to do here?” Mayank was really nervous and was getting irritated with Sundeep and just blurted it out without thinking. Sundeep, “OK Boss, I thought you like her.” Mayank,” What like, I don’t lke her. I didn’t even start the conversation with her. It was her and after that it was her always.” Sundeep, “Ok got it! Mr. Brahmachari.” The lecture started and a thousand thoughts crowded Mayank’s head. He was not sure of anything. He didn’t know why he wanted to be with Siya but didn’t want to be seen with her. Why he started feeling increasing insecure as both of them approached college together.
He had no answers, but was feeling really low after what he had blurted out about Siya to Sundeep. He kept his distance from both Siya and Sundeep for the day. In fact just to escape travelling with Siya he left early.
He reached home all irritated with himself. One could sense his helplessness on his thoughts and actions. He was tired and his head felt numb. He knew little about what was happening to him. He just wanted to escape away with Siya to a place which belonged only to them. So that he could have all the time he wanted with Siya without feeling insecure about the people around. Now he had a nagging headaches, one he wished people to vanish and if it was not possible for everyone to vanish least of all he wanted Sundeep to vanish. He so didn’t want Sundeep to vomit all of what he had said about Siya to her. He slept a very uneasy night.

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  1. Mayank z acting strange bt i think boys get lil insecure to be seen vth their girl..... Sometimes it acts against their favour

    1. boys are always strange dear...lets c is it acts against or in his favour....

  2. This series is like teenage serial....


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