Green Tea..
Boosts your metabolism
Seriously hydrating
Clears up your skin
Contains antioxidants
All with Zero Calories

What more do I need…these words of wisdom, were a lot of inspiration to me. So I was at it again, my ultimate goal
 “Weight loss”
So first things first I needed to arrange for more information on green tea, how it has to be used, how much can we consume in a day and all other relevant information. And as you know for every question that we don’t have an answer to, we have Google. So here I was on an overdose of information on green tea. I was just interested in knowing its benefits related to weight loss, however in the process I discovered its many other benefits and uses from the ever so knowledgeable internet. I checked all brands of Green tea in market. And soon I had all my required tools to start my weight loss journey. I was armed with a box of Green tea bags, lovely mugs with really cool messages and prints on them to inspire me to carry them to office.

I was in office on time, removed all clutter from my desk to make space for my new mug. Cleared a small rectangular space in my drawer for the green tea box to be placed. I had decided to drink green tea in office . This decision came out of two very logical reasons:
  •  The office air-conditioning left me very cold so the hot green tea would bring  solace to my cold shivering soul.
  •  I sat through the day in office thereby making it easier for me to keep sipping green tea.

So there I was with my first mug of green tea….I could see reflection of my thinner self in the mug full of green tea. So with  great happiness and in hope of a thinner future I took the first sip of green tea. “Ouch!”….I screamed in pain, it was hot I mean really hot. Me being a person who doesn’t drink tea or coffee, realized with the first sip I was not used to hot beverages. And after the initial Ouch came the next word , “Yuck!” it tasted yuck! With no sugar to balance that awful taste. I was so angry at people who would keep sipping green tea in office and smile through it. I was so angry at them for giving innocent people like me the wrong impression about Green tea’s taste. The next thing that came to my mind was, “No pains no gains”. I started blowing the green tea to bring down the temperature a little. Soon I felt the green tea temperature had comedown considerably not with my blowing but thanx to my office air conditioning. I coupled with extreme courage and determination took my first second sip ever. It was not in anyway better than the first sip. I realized I had a blister on my tongue thanx to the first hot sip and so this made drinking green tea all the more difficult. But as they say a battle well begun is half won so I didn’t want to have a bad start. I somehow gulped down the whole mug. At this point I didn’t know when would I have my next mug of green tea.

For one week I could not muster the courage for my second mug. As per my weekly ritual diet or no diet weight check is a must do. So here I was on the weighing machine, and to my surprise I was down by 2 kgs. I started jumping with joy. Any of you thinking that this was  a miracle that was caused just by one mug of green tea are sadly mistaken. My first ever mug of green tea had given me a blister on my tongue…remember. Knock!...knock! This made me go slow on the all my choicest spicy chats and other stuff and I saw the result. Nevertheless I wanted to give all credit to the green tea! With a 2 kg lighter frame and  the expensive green tea box that lied in my office drawer  I was all the more firm to continue and green tea had to be started again.

With lots of willpower and resolution I started again. From my earlier mistakes I knew one thing, I was not used to really hot beverages so I had to wait for a minute or two to take the first sip. Slowly I started enjoying the taste also I discovered a host of flavored green teas as I explored the racks of each and every supermarket. Now I had green tea in almost all flavors at my disposal. Some really funny and some really difficult on taste. But till date my favorite are Tulsi Green tea, Lemon green tea and Jasmine green tea. With time I developed a taste for green tea. And the after effects followed. The effects that I saw of green tea on me would be the following:
  • I felt more light and fresh
  • Reduces appetite to an extent
  • Better digestion
  • Better skin
  • I didn’t lose much weight but yes I had significant inch loss.

Lesson learnt : You don’t fail every time…sometimes ignore your tongue and trust me you will stay alive and surface tougher.


  1. Replies
    1. when are you starting with green tea?

  2. Here in Singapore Chinese have many different types of Chinese tea as green tea. They use same tea fifteen times before throwing it. So if in a day they refill their mug 5 times it will last for 3days.

  3. will not the first cup be too strong and last be too bland ;)


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