Panch ki Anch!

We travel and move to so many places in life and every time more than the similarities we pick the differences in those places and try to enjoy them.
So this series will be dedicated to listing and honoring the difference. This series is not going to be a one way thing, lets make it interactive. Every week one of the readers will be chosen and asked to list  top five differences for any two places that he has been to. Voluntary participation is always welcome!
So start thinking and looking for difference. These can be very basic but something that caught your eye. It can be about the people. The culture or as the blog itself says about everything!
So either Volunteer or sit back and wait to be chosen….
But as they say….Practice what you preach. So the first post will be of course by me.
Thanks to my husband and my job I have in my recent past travelled a lot and have  stayed in various countries and  within India in various states. But most of my time was spent within Maharashtra . so I choose to pin the difference I saw between MUMBAI and PUNE.

1.       I finish my lunch all other miscellaneous chores and head for shopping in Mumbai, it will be a normal fun day of shopping. If you do the same in Pune you will return home empty handed. Pune doesn’t work between 2-4. It s their official lunch time. And whoever told customer is always right and always welcome probably never stepped in Pune!
2.       In Mumbai I travel to office in a local train all I can see from a distance is heads. There can be a whole lot of variety in them J. In Pune I travel by office provided cab and all I can see from distance is helmets….Pune by statistics has the most no. of two wheeler compared to any other place at least I have visited!
3.       While buying vegetables from a local vendor in Mumbai after all hisaab kitab I would  invariably say,”Bhaiya thodi dhaniya mirchi dena.” And the Bhaiya would oblige by giving something if not a handful. In Pune there would be a blunt and pat reply, “Kitane ki?” Oh lord I mean that’s something I expect complimentary I have bought  a whole load of vegetable from him. Its like getting fennel after you eat at a restaurant. You pay for the food and not for the fennel!
4.       In Mumbai you board a rickshaw you pay as per the Meter. In Pune the fare will depend on a variety of factors like pick-up point, drop point and sometimes even your job profile. If any of these three things has anything to do with IT you are liable to pay a higher amount. If you are thinking why no talk about the meter…..just a gentle reminder “You are not in MUMBAI!”
5.       And now the difference that haunts the foodie in me the most. The world famous snack in Mumbai is the renowned “WADAPAV” and I so miss it while in Pune. However when in Pune the most preferred snack of the population here is not Wadapav rather its Misal Pav!

So here my top five difference that I have encounter since I moved to Pune form Mumbai. I know they may sound silly or too Gharelo to some. But then little can you do…this is my list and will be this way!

PS: Read and volunteer for the next post....I will wait for volunteers for a week…after that I have to become wicked and start choosing. You can always submit the posts as a guest blogger or mail me and i can submit on your behalf or mail me a draft and i can improvise on it. All help provided.....I cannot travel the globe to pick differences you have to do it for me and other readers.So don’t try to run away from the blog….you cannot hide from Me!


  1. Seema ll agree vth u on this as she lived in pune fr 5 years fr her studies..... Me too agree

    1. oh i need to have Seema's view on this post...pls pls pls get me her feedback!

  2. I'll write difference in Mumbai and Singapore


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