Is Honesty an overprised Virtue???

So are we really honest these days?? And if the answer is no, what’s the reason? why is it so difficult to be honest? Is it because the world around us is dishonest?

Dishonesty has many faces, it is not only about not lying. It can mean a million things it can be being dishonest, deceitful, two faced, insincere, talking behind someone’s back etc. So would we really like to be known as one of these or encounter someone like this. Do we really want to be honest? I think as human nature we choose the easy thing over the difficult. And being dishonest is easy…cause there are so many easy ways to be dishonest. Its very easy to be achieve things through dishonest conducts, get accolades from people around you. But after that can you actually live with a head held high. Will you be able to go back home and tell your kids what you have accomplished and how. We are laying the foundation to a better tomorrow. By being dishonest we are raising a dishonest generation or society for tomorrow.
But the road to honesty is not easy and not rewarding according to many. Honesty can give you the most expensive gift. It can help you get a good night sleep with a clear conscience. I  know all this sounds very philosophical. But remember we are society. We make the society. So every time we say we are dishonest because of the people around us or because of society, remember its us we are talking about. We say honest people are a thing of the past. By saying this we are indirectly saying that we are one of those dishonest people who exist in the present. Instead of blaming the society if we all decide to do at least one honest deed daily, slowly but steadily the society will change. We expect honesty from others, but expectations must only be made after your own actions are honest.
We hear people being awarded for being honest. Is honesty so rare that we have to promote it by awarding people. People say they be honest depending upon the situation and people involved. So that means we are dishonest with dishonest people. Than what’s the difference between them and us. How can their attributes contour our character. Why should their dishonesty validate our dishonesty. So if here their dishonesty is compelling us to be dishonest, should we in fact not be honest and wish this makes them a little more honest.

The cruelest lies are often told in silence.  --  Robert Louis Stevenson
How correctly said. When we keep quiet and tolerate dishonesty, we are doing nothing but helping dishonesty prosper. We need to step up and sow little seeds of honesty in the population we are raising. Young kinds have minds like the lose soil that can be shaped very easily, we must by our actions instill in them honesty as one of the must have virtues. Honesty is the first step towards a world full of wisdom. We need to help them  change the outlook. Remember the world is as dirty as the glasses we wear. So people clean your thoughts. Be a little more patient, little more gentle and slowly things will all into place. We need to stop blaming people for our actions. Be responsible for your own actions. Start your day with a honest oath to be truthful through the day. 

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  1. I am always honest. As taught from school "honesty is great policy" im thankful to my teachers and parent.

    1. yes i know....sometimes i have been victim of your honesty!


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