Panch ki Anch!! by Sadhana Sinha

Incredible India to Lovely London….

Comparing one’s own country to the one it was ruled by is always difficult and emotional. So here it goes….
UK  and India are two nations so different in culture , people , cuisine , landscape , weather , still have some similarities as the left hand side driving, the way we drink lots of tea proves that the habits are also cultivated and mostly the way one is influenced by its ruler…..But this blog is all about the differences I have felt during my short stay there and might be right or wrong but as everyone perceives differently the same situations, suggest you all to visit this lovely place and if you are in UK then come and visit my Incredible India!
First thing first,  being a woman the first difference I noticed and surely it made me feel that it will be great to stay in London is the way they treat their Woman or to say they don’t treat them any different from men. You are a free spirit when it comes to dressing , speaking and many others that in India is judged every other second but with saying that India is the one nation where a woman is worshiped too. Not to judge but for sure this a big difference for a woman to love London , UK where you don’t need to think twice before stepping out and not so much judged by the society and that was confirmed when a woman said so freely to me that “she is divorced” in her first introduction and the next sentence was no worries dear “I am not alone currently dating a young man from Ireland!”….wow …is this possible in India?????
Lets go to the next one else I can write a complete book on the above point. The bad traffic is one of India’s highlight when one visits it for the first time or let me clear it even to the one who has spent 30 plus years here. Why there are no noticeable improvements the way I noticed it in any foreign land and especially London! All the ways to commute are given equal importance there “even your legs” ! Here in India the respect is either driven with the size of the vehicle or the cost of it….else you need to be a politician to get all the ways to yourself. Respect to drive, to walk should not be based on any criteria. It should be regulated and followed because it is never the destination but the way to it……if the journey will be that chaotic will there be any peace & happiness after reaching the destination?
Ohh here or there we place our vehicle on roads with ample number of horns blown on our way and reach the destination but to feel the fresh air one has to visit either the hills in the outskirts of town or any travel destination where the number of visitors or vehicles are controlled. Yes that is the next questions …what is the level of purity of air that we breathe?
For sure it is not pure! Pollution is one major issue in India and it needs to be controlled urgently. The air we breathe should be as pure as possible and it should be one of the major agendas on government’s list. So let’s talk the next difference which is so much mingled with this “the never dying corruption in India”. So whether it is correcting Pollution or Population corruption is always the first priority ….I am not saying it must not be there in London but not at all the cost of comfort and livelihood of their citizens. For sure it exists everywhere but should not hamper the way citizens live and breathe! So all the policies and regulations should be maintained no matter how corrupt the government is as at the end it is one’s life and it never comes back again to breathe a fresh air and enjoy all the amenities on owns motherland!
The last of the five I am allowed to write here but never the least is the mannerism in the people especially men that they have named it “English manners”. I love the way they hold the door for you, make you go first , talk with poise and never the less never make you feel any less! By saying that not all are alike and there must be awesome people here whom I haven’t encountered yet who will make India feel it is not just a land of foodies but of people who respect each other and have make their land one to be proud of as it is not your economy which makes you rich but the way you treat your woman, the pollution free land, less corruption and the mannerism which says with all their heart “Padharo mhare desh"

Written by Sadhana Sinha!

PS: Thanx Sadhana for keep the chain alive. Next will be written by Pragya joshi listing difference between Mumbai and Singapore.


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