Flipped by RUBBISH customer Service by FLIPKART

What do you call an online retailer with good network, amazing delivery time, perfect prices and a wide range of products all backed by a RUBBISH and NON-EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.
My experience leads me to calling it  “FLIPKART

They have no process in place for the most important thing called “CUSTOMER GRIEVANCE”. You call them with a complaint and are only rerouted to various teams and sets of people a million times. You have to every time repeat the whole story irrelevant to the amount of time you are kept on hold. I don’t understand why cant the previous team brief the next team before they hand in the call is that not the least expected thing to do when they have kept you on hold for at least 3-4 minutes between call transfer to the next team.

Also I don’t understand why does the customer have to be on the call for approx. 1 hour and repeatedly just be put on hold and made to repeat his grievance a million times!!! Are they testing our patience so that we ourselves drop out and don’t pursue it further. In fact the expected practice should be that they listen to your grievance, hand you  out a complaint no. and arrange a call back.

Also for a mistake that is from there end , the customer is made to suffer and also pay. The customer support teams  are only trained to take new order but not trained on how to handle CUSTOMER GRIEVANCE. They just keep shuffling the call here and there. If you insist and get a complaint no, they have no idea what will be the next step. They also don’t know how the investigation of the complaint will happen and by when and  how will the customer be compensated.

All through this call they keep apologizing just for the sake for it. It’s just like they keep repeating the same things since they have been programmed to do so.. They out right put the blame on the customer. They have no defined process to back track the conversations either is what I have inferred. God knows they play the tape that the conversation will be recorded for quality and training process. They are almost never able to find your conversation and accordingly work on your complaint. I sincerely wish my last night conversation ends up in there training and quality check basket.

PS: People please share this one for yourself. We deserve better customer service. The first person who read this told me...every call centre is like this. Whats the point it will all fall on deaf ears. lets keep sharing it and make sure the deaf ears are turned on with our noise!


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