Sawaal Jawaab Part 5

Shyama almost at the verge of a nervous break down, “Spare me….Spare me…..and if you don’t stop I will spank you black and blue” Sridhar at his classic best, “I was only trying to tell you the right thing.”
Shyama irritated, “But did I even ask for your opinion, anyways I thanks you for your esteemed opinion and  request you to shut up”.
It was like any other day..Shyama was a little sleepy in office after a late night movie with her friend. And Sridhar had at least n no. of times asked her why did she go for a movie on Sunday evening, when she has a whole weekend for same. When the first time Sridhar had said this to Shyama, she did not react and gave a valid explanation for her choice of day and time for the movie. She explained, “I was in Mumbai for the weekend and only returned at 7 PM on Sunday and went directly for the movie”
This explanation which would be accepted by people all over the world instigated a never ending argument with Sridhar that lasted the whole day and ended with he getting threatened with being Spanked black and blue.
Around 5 in the evening at the café.
Shyama: oh I need a coffee…I m so sleepy
Sridhar: I still don’t understand why you went for the movie on Sunday night?

Shyama (tired): Because I was in Mumbai on Friday and Saturday and only reached Pune yesterday at 7PM
Sridhar: So why didn’t you see the movie in Mumbai?

Shyama: I wanted to see the movie with my friend who was here in Pune
Sridhar: And Why that, will the movie change when you watch with her?

Shyama: No but there are certain things you want to enjoy with a particular person. Also the movie reminded us of tons of things we have been through together. So I think it was a good idea to watch the movie together and relive those moments.
Sridhar: Oh really

Shyama: Yes really
Sridhar: I really don’t understand this, why such emotional foolishness…its vague

This brought down the last straw…and now Shyama was at it
Shyama: Yes you will not understand, because there is no one who wants to do things with you, watch movies with you. And have you ever heard of anything called as “Companionship” ??
Sridhar: This is all bakwas..I don’t believe in all this emotional stuff. If I want to see a movie it’s the movie that matters not the company.

Shyama: Exactly that’s about you… and I am not you. I am different, I am human…
Sridhar: Hmm, whatever…

Shyama: what whatever?? My Money, My friend, My time...what’s your problem….and this is the last time I am explaining all of this to you.
Sridhar:  I was only trying to understand your foolish intentions over missing sleep and watching a movie. Even though the  company could in no way change the movie….Funny

Shyama: But why do you want to understand, your EQ and IQ both are below Par…so stop trying
Sridhar: What’s this EQ ... and don’t mess with my IQ I am far more intelligent than you!

Shyama: EQ is Emotional Quotient…and your score is “0”…. And if your IQ is actually good….shut up and stop bothering me..
Sridhar: I am not bothering you…you said you are sleepy ….and so…

Shyama(interrupting Sridhar): So what….you are trying to drive my sleep away with your senselessness
Sridhar:  Okay..I was just trying…

Shyama(interrupting again): Stop trying …Please
Sridhar: Hmm..but..

Shyama(interrupting again): Spare me….Spare me…..and if you don’t stop I will spank you black and blue
Sridhar: I was only trying to tell you the right thing.

Shyama(tired and with a sign):But did I even ask for your opinion, anyways I thanks you for your esteemed opinion and  request you to shut up

Just to put an end to this the nth time ..Shyama walks away without the coffee….

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  1. That serves him right.... He z really annoying

    1. yes right...u eat my head and i spank you black and blue


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