Sawaal Jawaab Part 3

Somehow people assume that girls spend a lot…I say assume because it’s a generalized notion. Also a girl earns or not is never taken into account. As if her income is a part of family income but her expenses are accounted as an individuals expenses. She might like shopping ..but I see no harm in that….and more than the people who are affected by that expenditure on lookers have big problems…somehow people don’t like a happy shopping couple…..well enough of a rant…I can talk for ages on this…. lets proceed to Shyama and Sridhar

New day…. New place Shyama and Sridhar working on a common project in a common location….far away from all other sane people. But things haven’t changed much..Shyama is still an  easy prey for Sridhar…but with the time that Shyama has spent with Sridhar her skin has become thick and brain sharp enough to answer back in a wicked way with efficiency and precision.

Shyama:Oh I am already hungry
Sridhar: Lets eat the popcorn you have got

Shyama: (Surprised and amazed) great guess yaar :J
Sridhar: no its not a guess....I checked your bag

Shyama: (angry at his guts and surprised  at his sincerity)What??....and what made you do that?
Sridhar: I was hungry

Shyama: Its by bag and not Cafeteria to check what it has when you are hungry…
Sridhar: Are you bring so many good things so thought I will check and then wait for you to get hungry so that we can eat together

Shyama: Oh really…. so sweet at least you were waiting for me
Sridhar: (sarcastically) OK…hence forth I will start u can join in as and when you are hungry.

Shyama: Can you change….I am being honest …I bring things for me and not for office staff here
Sridhar: I know ..but I m not office staff….I am you friend….I sit next to you

Shyama: hmm…so now
Sridhar: open the bag lets eat Popcorn

Shyama talking to her herself…why does god leave all hungry people near me and why are these people forever hungry…why can’t they dislike stuff I bring….why do I have to share my stuff especially my food. Oh I m so in love with my food….and this stupid moron just bites it away without even appreciating.

There was nothing much Shayma could do here....except share her food there and her feelings here…
So how many of you have been around people who are always hungry for your food….in fact if on a particular day you don’t bring they feel its their right to be angry on you…..

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  1. Good one. Almost in all offices I faced this problem. So started taking double tge amount to share and survive ;-)

    1. bhagwan ne sare bhooke hamare hi agal bagal kyu rakh diye....

  2. There are variety of sridhar ....some eating your food n other eating your head...:) i encountered the later one...good one nidhi

    1. food is better than brain...khana to khatam hone pe khareed bhi lenge...deemag kaha se layenge doobara


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