I am back with a bang…Bang to hi jayega weight jo itana hai !
So this time I knew it was of no use to eat what I hate….because end of the day its FOOD and I love food and can never hate it for an extended period of time. Something new had to be found…and I found it very soon “GM DIET”. Till date I have not understood why would a company devise such an frustration plan for their employees. And also if they don’t endorse it why let your name stick to it. Nevertheless it looked promising and worth giving a try. So here I was I read as much I could on it. I must tell you I have a good appetite for reading when it comes to diets. So I read pet bharke.
This diet is pretty simple with manageable restrictions. The one thing I liked about this diet is the word that was mentioned on it “unlimited”. It all looked perfect eat unlimited and lose 5 kgs in a week. I was always told..Kam se kam 5 kilo kam kar fir kuch farak dikhega. So here was my golden chance to lose it in a week and finally see the difference!
The first few days made me feel like a cattle grazing only on fruits and vegetables. With so many fruits and vegetables to eat, I was sure to lose weight around my jawline. I had a lot of chewing to do. Also I realized by rabbits have longs teeth it takes some effort to chomp off those carrots. Also some realizations like why watermelon is called WATERmelon…few pieces down and you are left running to a loo. I had enough wisdom in three days. From “Santosham parmam sukham” is reached “Bhojanam parmam sukham”.
On reaching the fourth day I realized that the first three days were better. Fourth day was the worst for someone like me who doesn’t drink milk. Right from a cattle I was moved to being baby od a cattle. All I could eat on day 4 was milk and banana. But with a big body thankfully god has given me big brain as well. So I made curd out of the Milk and buttermilk of the Curd….and enjoyed through the day…banana was out of question I consider it to be Garibo ka fal so that is not something I eat. So I sailed through day4 with drinking buttermilk. And finally arrived the day5 I was so waiting for this day. Today I had to eat grilled meet and tomatoes. Tomatoes didn’t even cross my mind, my goal was to meet meat. I ordered tandoori chicken and started dreaming. I could dream of a dancing chicken and mind you the chicken was looking thin J chicken arrived and soon vanished into me. It was only 12 and I had finished all chicken that I could have in the whole day. Soon realized that with the whole day left…I could have had tomatoes through the day and chicken in the night to get a silent sleep. Mind you…grumbling stomach makes a lot of noise to wake you up at odd hours at night.
But what was done was done….i was only left with tomatoes…I looked at those lovely shinny tomatoes. Earlier they looked as if appealing to me to eat them and now they looked and at me and teased me for finishing all my chicken and repenting. What could I say I guess the demand and supply theory from Economic could fit here. So tomatoes is all I had for the rest of the day. With so many tomatoes in my tummy my cheeks were so red that it felt as if I was blushing…but I was only flushing…I mean trying to flush off some fat.
So with Day6 I was finally back to the unlimited eating zone. This was the choicest day of my diet I so much wished all 7 days could be like this. Today was the unlimited meat and vegetables days….this meant heaven to me. I ate is all I can say for this day. People please remember this will soon become very important in the history of this diet. Day7 came and with it brought Rice vegetables and juices….finally felt like a complete meal. This was the only day when I felt asleep without any disruption. Also all night I could dream and visualize myself in the best of clothes looking  all so thin and perfect.
Woke up in the morning feeling all anxious and peppy…I could already feel light…went and stepped on the weighing scale……and froze there….there was no change in the weight…I tried everything from holding my breath to standing still and staring to every possible thing but it still showed the same figure. I was annoyed, but then I understood…..okay my fat was replaced by muscle…okay so I have not become light but definitely leaner. I thought who cares about the weight till the time I look thin….let me glide into that dress that never fit me. I ran to the cupboard and took the dress….and it was a nightmare. It didn’t fit in fact it was worse….I was heart broken….
As I stepped out of the room my wise sister shouted from behind me …..Day6…Day6…its showing on you…all bloated and swollen..told you its of no use….. “ja mat sun meri baat”

No tears didn’t roll down my cheek….I went straight to the kitchen and asked mom, “Aj kya ban raha hai…aj se me bhi khaungi”

Lesson learnt: GM diet to me now stands for Golu-Molu diet…

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  1. But this same diet worked for vinny. He was 85 and now is 72 kgs. I think u shud have given one more week to it. ;-)

    1. Good for him.....itana self control tha then how come he reached 85!

  2. Hi nidhi upto last I was thinking really loose 5 kg...but ups....& why u need this u r looking best now so khate raho...

    1. i wish that too dear...i know i look at all weight ranges...after all I am a born Diva ;)...thanx for taking out the time to read...continue reading!


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