bus kadam bada aur chalti ja!

Bojhi bojhi kyu hai..teri hasi dabi dabi si kyu hai
Teri hasi katil ka kaam karegi unke liye
So teri muskurahat dabana chahte hai
Teri hasi dawa ka kaam karegi unke liye
So tujhe sada muskurata dekhne chahte hai

Haar mat man…man mat mar..Uth jee..kuch kar
Mausam badlega, andhera jhatega
Andhera roshni ko nahi dhak sakta,
Savera to ayega.. nai subah layega..
Dar mat, kal tera hai…bus kadam bada aur chalti ja!


  1. This post reminds me of "bikhri bikhri si palke hai kyun" song from rashi movie.

    1. i have not heard that song nor heard of this movie...but i think my poem must be a better version;)

  2. thanx Anshul...we are still waiting for your guest post

  3. Cant express how touched n moved i am by this kind n encouraging gesture of urs di...
    Thanks for being my beacon of hope

    1. u r always welcome...where is lost and found??


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