Any guesses what this topic is all about??? I am sure Pragya has a clueL….she is the one who has time and again made be felt MOTIvated. For as early In my life I remember I always thought just a little little weight loss and I will be perfect. And the next little was a little more of my favorite thing in this world and that is FOOD…..I guess I learned to cook also because I wanted to cook all I could and then what…obviously eat it. So that’s my life I have tried a lot of weight loss techniques and I must tell they all of them would have helped me or worked on me if I could at least stick to them for stretched period of a week. But nevertheless I always have a next time, a new diet and a new mission. So my targets have steadily increased …at some point of time I wanted to be 55 (its just a number right!...I so totally agree…) and today even +10 or +15 can be a dream. The only time in my life when I was offered food and that too in heaps was when I was preggy…but such an irony…I had lost all my appetite…hard luck there. But as all claim, or rather blame me to be a feminist. Let me elaborate how even fat is distributed very unevenly in our society. Even the stereotypical gender images are so biased towards men.
A Fat man is far easily accepted, in fact his mom or wife is praised for serving him rich and nutritious food, but never ridiculed. I beg for some consideration here…we women have so many things to mess up our fit bodies and fitness schedule, still no consideration is given. We have such huge hormonal changes, we have kids..we have caesarians, we so many things to mess us up…I feel after all this if we survive we should be awarded….and left alone to carry on with life. OK now lets get back to the topic here….“Me and my Weight loss woes”
So readers this is also going to be a series...cause my weight loss journey cannot be wrapped in a single post.
My very first diet that I remember…“THE KARELA* DIET”

I thought this would be easy to follow at least It didn’t ask me to NOT eat or eat less…I could still eat just that I would have to eat things I dislike….so the first thing that came to my mind was the king “Karela”.
I would ask mom to cook Karela every alternate day. Easy task as she loved started with bharva karela, karela smeared with sesame seed powder and fried karela…what do you think must have happened. It obviously backfired…poor modest karela was MOTIfied in every possible way. So I was as I was no difference. Then one day tired my mom asked me what was going on  and why I wanted so much of karela every other day. Mind you thinking it was good for weight loss…I ate loads of it. I explained my humble reasons for same and my mom stared at me till eternity and replied with a sigh, “eat raw karela or drink its juice…spare me the cooking and it will start working for you”. I was confused the diet no where mentioned we have to eat foods we dislike in a particular way it just said “EAT” and I was doing it religiously with no results.
The diet was soon discontinued and search for a new one started….as mom stopped buying and stocking karela…
Lessons learnt:
Karela is tasty…better when stuffed with high calorie stuff.
I no more dislike Karela, so next time on this diet...I need to use Kaddu*…

Karela= Bitter gourd
Kaddu= Pumpkin


  1. Haha.....kaddu is also tasty wen ejji cooks

    1. thats the reason why i dont lose weight.....see i am not at all at fault:)

  2. Right pragya whatever our mom cooks is always tasty ....but true dear very difficult to loose weight after going through so many changes in our life as mentioned by u

  3. hmm very true dear..but then its fun to experiment with new diets

  4. Replies
    1. oh god..ap mere blog pe aye...meri to kismat hi khul ko chodo me to khushi se phuli nai sama rahi hu


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