Sawaal Jawaab Part 4

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Not everyday is your day….sometimes nothing  falls in place or you can say everything wrong falls in place and your days starts with a bang!!!
Shyama was running late for office….she grabbed a bunch of her favorite fruit ....grapes and rushed out of the door to try and reach office at least by 10:30. Today was the day she realized that her wrist watch was a whole half hour late and for a whole month she was going to office as per her wrist watch.
Huffing-puffing she reaches office only to realize the systems down and there was no reason for her to hurry like this. After all no work was waiting for her….she pushes the door open with her waist ..her hands busy with her lovely bunches of grapes….she suddenly hears a noise of water dripping…she realized this must be Sangeeta….and the noise must be of her saliva dripping at the sight of fresh juicy grapes. Now Sangeeta is a magician....hordes of tasty she can make it vanish in a jiffy. Shyama till this date had never offered her food.....but always had to share with her. She would ask "kya me thoda lu" ....aur bus fir haka baka boo aur sab gayab..... And to top it she would say "itana kam kyu lati hai tu?? Ab tu kya khayegi?" So yes she had a lot of concern for Shyama.....damn sangeeta i mean sab-kh-lita.
Shyama had already had a bad start to her day and she was in no mood to share her choicest grapes with Sangeeta.
So she quickly glided to her desk hiding the grapes from her.
She sat at her desk organized everything opened online Times of India  and started munching on grapes…Sridhar had his share(no one can deny him anything…) she started eating fast so that she could have as much as possible but to surpass Sridhar’s speed was difficult…..and also by now she was at peace sharing her food with Sridhar….she didn’t have much choice either…
Suddenly a voice…
Sangeeta: ( a loud scream….no exaggeration here) Ae chor! Kya kha rahi hai ?
Shyama: (Irritated) Chor kaun….
Sangeeta: Phele bol grapes kha rahi hai na?
Shyama: Ha kyu?
Sangeeta: To Chor ki tarah kya kha rahi hai…..idhar de…
Shyama: (with full anger) Chor tu…me khareed ke layi hu….aur ab to sirf me hi khaongi….tujhe khana ho to apne liye khud laya kar. Ab aj kaha se layegi…kal le ana and fir maje se khana.
Kya lagta hai???kya hua hoga????
Sridhar…choking on a grape…..


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