To Dearest Kimaya...

" It has just been a year, but it feels like a lifetime of togetherness,
            the smile, the twinkling eyes, the love and the tenderness.
  With tiny feet and oh-so-cute smile you entered our lives,
       and changed us forever, made mothers out of wives."

Well, I do realize that there are a good few years till you are able to read this post and understand it, but somehow I couldn't stop myself from writing this when your loving mother asked me to do the honor. You are the newest member in our family, and what joy it is to have you. Though I haven't been able to meet you, and hold you, and shower you with kisses and uncountable hugs, and bore you to sleep with my non-rhyming lullaby, I still feel so connected to you. Thanks to your tech-savvy mom.

From day one your beautiful pictures have been promptly forwarded to me, and each one made me feel how much I love you and want to hold you in my arms. From your first palms and feet prints to your annaprashan, from your peaceful sleepy poses to your dramas, from your naughty tales to your blissful presence, I have been there, distant but there, always.

Who would have thought that one tiny fragile baby is capable of bringing such huge changes in the lives of the people around them?
Your presence has brought subtle changes in my world as well. A gurl who was only interested in heels and purses and lipsticks and tees, suddenly started exploring baby toys and clothes. And oh my! what splendid world it is!! I wanted to dress you in the most stylish dresses and make you look like a princess that you deserve to be. I never thought that I would ever be confused between a pink jumper and a yellow hooded tee. What the hell??!! Let's get both for you..!!

And, with loads of love and care, a tiny yet emotional care package is selected for you, my dear. Thanks to the Fedex services, I can be there, even while not being there. The miles between us don't matter, my sweets. When I send a care package for you, it's as if I am travelling along with it. And, when the box is opened I emerge from it and fly around, and envelope you in my love. After every package, I wait in anticipation on how the clothes will look on you. Would you look cute or naughty? Will the sizes fit? You are quite little to express your love for me, but believe me, my darling, your mom's excitement and joy when she receives the package on your behalf says it all.

I hear your un-decodable mutters in the background when I speak with your nani or mom, and I can make out that you are one naughty and active kiddo. Always learning something new and teaching so much to every one else. Every other day I hear the tales of your funny pranks, cute tantrums and naughty stories from your nani and mom. I can feel how much love you have brought into their lives, and in turn you are one blessed soul to be in the lap of your charming and utterly wise nani and mom.  

No words can express how much I long to see you in person and hold you, dear Kimaya. Bear with me that I am not able to do so, but soon we'll meet and our circle of love would be complete. Till then I wish you love and health and pray that your days are filled with laughter and joy always.

Happy Birthday My Sweets, you have given us all so much that all we want to do is shower you with love, care, happiness and good health.

May lord dewalsamiti always follows you and protects you from all evils.
Love you my little princess..
Stay happy, stay blessed..

Prriti Mausi..


  1. Superrrrrrlike..... I can relate to ur feelngs so do all aunts of Kimaya... U represented all.... Kimaya ll surely love Prriti aunt's post whn she ll read it

  2. So much love...can just feel it dripping from very words

  3. Thanks sujata di n nidhi di... :)

  4. Hi priti....
    U expressed it so beautifully. ..just like they are my thoughts.

  5. Awesome... You had expressed your feelings very well...

  6. priti every masi or bua(like me) can relate with your words ... i too have same feelings nd love for my niece... god bless the lil princess... butiful lines...


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