I really thought hard but couldn’t think of a better name for this post. The discrepancy I am talking about is in the societal reforms. We have given so many duties to women…and so little rites.
If you think I have misspelt the word “Right” no I have not. I read articles concerning Mr. Gopinath Munde’s last rites in major papers  and all they were talking about was –Pankaja performing the last rites. For certain section of people who are unaware let me specify a little further. Papers have glorified her decision to be the one to give Mukhagni to her father. They are full of praises for her setting an example for others to practice. I on a personal level do appreciate and laud her for taking up the responsibility. But I am so very much displeased by the group of people who were sounding too surprised by her act. This to me was the most logical thing  for her do. If she can carry forward his legacy in the political front. Why cant she shoulder this responsibility.
This has been a trend in our Indian society we have put all these so called religious rituals on the shoulder of a son, and so this imbalance in the society. I don’t mind accepting certain things in the name of Religion or culture. But to me religion or culture is something that brings the people together and helps diminish the disparity among them. Didn’t Lokmanya Tilak use Religion and culture for same in the form of  Ganeshotsav. Then why can’t  we take an example from him be the change.
I once overheard one of the elders at home talk about an old lady, “ they don’t treat her well…adequate food and clothing is luxury for her. But what to do she has to stay with them. She didn’t have a son and must give her land to this nephew otherwise he wont even give her fire on death.” There might be many who would probably take good care of her but she still has to give all that belongs to her to the so called good for nothing nephew so that he does something which should be really not so important for her. Does she even care of all these things once she is dead. Better have a life of self-respect than die in the hope of a better funeral. My question once again, is it so important?
We Talk about Pankaja setting an example by taking it in her hand and performing the ritual in front of lakhs of people, but many less known people have already done this and more for their parents.
These rules were probably made to keep the family close knit but today are practiced as perceived. People use it to their benefit.
As Girls today we are independent because of our parents then why this discrimination. Today when my parents have done nothing less for me than they would do for their son, they why should I shy away from the responsibility that a son would fulfill. I wish things in the scriptures guide people to bring up better children and show the responsibilities  for both parents and kids disregarding the gender.
Indira Gandhi did the same thing, she did her Father’s last rites and also took over his responsibility. She took forward his political legacy in the best way that it could be done. I don’t think her being a Daughter made any difference and Mr. Nehru I am sure must be a very proud father.
So people raise your daughter well enough they will always be the ones you can look up to. I know females who were cursed whole of their life for having 3 girls but eventually had a son for the process to end finally end. Today when all their girls are grown up and independent. Those same female thanks good they had daughters….today they are more happy and content by their daughters. And would rather depend on them then depend on their only son. And in fact are thankful that they only have one son but three wonderful daughters.
So to sum it up…Be it Pankaja, Indira Gandhi or those three daughters or for that matter your daughter. Remember they have all the potential in them and choose them give them responsibility and I assure you they will sail through it.

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.  -Author Unknown


  1. Vry true yaar.... We dont have to b surprised to see this revolution

    1. we have to be the change we want to see in the society dear...lets lead by example

  2. True ....things are changing now . hope we will have a society giving more respect n social rights to girls...

  3. True!!! Hope we will have a society giving more respect n social rights to girls.

  4. why hope lets build a better society ourselves...lets raise better kids they are the foundation for tomorrow

  5. Grt write up di... Its true that we girls do deserve our rites..


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