sawaal...jawab... Chapter 1

"Ek Sawal me karu..ek sawal tum karo..
Har sawal ka jawab hi sawal ho..."

Ab kya kahein kuch log…..thank  god kuch hi log hote hai aise…jo ek sath dil aur deemag dono pe bhari padte hai
Lets get back to a language which will help me widen my horizon of readers. And also lets get back to business…this is a story…fiction I must declare I don’t want people to try and find themselves in the characters. But however if you read and find that the characters resemble you..please keep it to your in your own best interest;)
So where do I begin Shyama is like all of us…sporty…funky..go getter..overconfident..lively and strong. She is independent but likes to rely on people around her, its her way of making them feel special and  important. So this story is about Shyama’s interactions with the corporate world and the various species of humans she interacts with.
Some will teach her lessons some will help her be a better person and some will just be there while she will be  wishing them to vanish.
“Hello”, Sridhar
“Good morning”, Shyama
Sridhar is the current specimen Shyama is dealing with, there have been many in the past so she is used to them by now. Also she knows what to expect from them , but still is amused by the new things they come up with. Its no hard work for them, they have been programmed that way by god almighty. Anyway to Shyama Sridhar is more like “Seer Dard
“You know finally the plan is  fixed for the party and the cab details will be shared shortly”, Sridhar
“Oh really, good”, Shyama
“your name is misspelt in the list”, Sridhar
“He he he, it seems they want you to have the full the vehicle to your Luxury”, Shyama Chuckled
“Oh that will be great I would always be more than happy, in fact ever ready to travel alone”, Sridhar with a loud laugh
“We think so alike, I don’t even mind bus…..bus tu saath na ho seer dard
“What, what did you say??”, Sridhar
“Nothing, nothing that would concern you”, Shyama
“You do this everyday…someday I will pakka catch you. So beware, I am very sharp with these things.”, Sridhar
“Beware…are I am already so afraid of you….please spare me …..”, Shyama in a sarcastic tone
Conversation ended with a sigh from Shyama and a grin from Seer Dard

The things were like this always….sometimes she had her moments of glory and sometimes Sridhar won the argument with a better  set of phrases….
People like him had made her ready with a sharp tongue. This had resulted after days months and years of guilt and preparation and rethinking over matters that happened. She always thought how come always thought of a better answer only the night after the argument, why didn’t I say this, why didn’t  I say that…so many better and bolti band answers would flood her head. And she would  just lay in the bed thinking why now….why doesn’t this machine called brain functions at the right time. So now here she was ready with all blunt and straight at your face answers for Sridhar….arguments might be with Sridhar but every time she opened her mouth she was answering all the bullies she had ever met…she was speaking for every argument she had lost…

PS: Readers this is going to be a office series about Shyama’s encounters with Sridhar and the system….please contribute. She could be me one day, one day you and one day someone else. Shyama is just a mask we hide behind and tell our stories. Pour in your office encounters and I will be happy to accommodate them in Shyama’s  office life. At the end of day we all live with a little seer dard ;)

Also of all the various names contribted towards this post from various forum like Facebook, watsapp and mails. The name selected was contributed by Prriti Pande. Thanks Prriti for your contribution. keep contributing keep getting recongnized....also Sridhar as in seer dard is also her idea....


  1. Oh my god!! I'm famous...!!!
    Like the series.. I hope some more peppy n witty chapters are added to this one..

    Keep the words flowing!!


    1. oh please..u r already famous...u r the content writer..and my blog designer....witty chapters ...oh so many..Sridhar is at many more chapters coming in

  2. Hi...its nice....just like FRIENDS series.... keep writing more....its very familiar as we are working professionals with one or more sridhar's in offices.

    1. omg....FRIENDS standards will he hard to reach....


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