Steven Wright
 “I give you a call you with a smile on my face and end up with a tear in my eye”…Don’t know what has happened over the years…..This makes me question is love really forever??? Or its just a momentary feeling you get every once in a while.  But how do you survive this….do you keep waiting for those moments....go out and search for them…or  get up and try creating such moments.
Waiting and searching can be done alone …but how does one create these  moments  all by oneself. It has to be a mutual task….nothing can be achieved alone here.

Life brings you to strange places, it gives you the best of moments that turn into memories. But these very moments in times of pain destroy you inside. Its said “change is the only permanent thing”
But I never wanted things to change I thought life would forever be the way I had planned. But things change…..time changes and most importantly people change. And when I say people it includes me as well. I was never the way I am today…I guess we shape into what people around us make us into. But then I feel everything in this world is related to each other. You get what you give and anyone in this world would feel for you the same way you feel for them. It’s a give and take relationship.
u dont carrz it to office

So lets learn to be a bit more tolerant especially with our loved ones….its life….no one  can survive  alone…in fact no one really survives ..we all are here for a while…. Love is something that makes our lives worthwhile. We all have moments of hate, despair, loneliness, hopelessness and anguish. But remember …if there is anything that can pull  you up and make life worth living it is loves. So continue to love…..knowing well that it may not last forever…but no one knows  what’s forever and hasn’t seen it yet. So lets begin our journey with one step at a time and live on  and love on……maybe forever is a long long way…and you cant travel that distance alone…so lets hate less love more…rant less bless more and live on hoping that forever never come to an end.


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