Money Vs. Life

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly is a stress reliever.”
Besa Kosova
Can we add a price tag to everything in life. Promptly everyone reading will say no. Specially things like moments, feelings, longing for someone or missing someone. The smile with moist eyes that you break into when you see someone really special after a long time and a million more such times. I agree these moments are priceless, but they do come at a cost. I say a cost and not price, because cost can be estimated in the money you have spent….but the price cannot be estimated. The cost can be the money you have spent to be with a near one, the money spent to buy something you want all so much. But the price is the longing, the pain , the tears, the smile and the look you see in their eyes….its priceless.
As they say “Money is not everything”…but I say money can help you  buy almost everything in life. You need to know how to buy and what to buy. People all their lives earn money and learn to save it. Then they learn to invest it …..they make a few loses and then learn the best way to invest…to make profits.
I would rather invest in myself and my family and reap the best benefits. I would spend on people I love and live poor, then to save and die rich. I would rather cherish memories, I make while I travel on holidays. Then save to repay a loan. Why plan for a lifetime and save money when you don’t know what will happen the next moment. I would rather have enough and live than save too much.
So I say money should be spent at the right time on the things that will last you a lifetime….build memories....laugh together……live the moment. So people use your resources well….money is nothing  more than a resource that must be a bridge for you to happiness and wellness.
So weigh your options always opt for moments that will last you a lifetime. Learn to make memories, cause at the end those will be the things you will cherish and live on.
Its today that you need to worry about so live for today. If you want to accumulate anything, let it be blessings, lessons, and people. Money and other such things will follow you once you stop pursuing them.
Lets end with a French phrase
“Enough is better than too much”… just save enough and use up the rest to the best you can. You never know if there is a tomorrow.


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